For five points, name the player on the floor (above) being skimmed by Derek Dougan, hero of our next Wolves pub.

Pub Curmudgeon knows a thing or two about Heritage pubs, and after the Banks’s tour we headed for one, across what can charitably be called “Salt of the earth Wolverhampton”.

Note resemblance of West Park to Mutant Ninja Turtle

Actually, it passes the exceptional West Park, and within sight of Molineux, one of the few top football grounds in a city centre.

Excellent impression of the Deep in Hull

Because they always let City win there (mind, so do West Brom), I welcome the now inevitable return of Wolves to the Premiership next season.  Look at this video taken by a Wolves fan tonight.

That reaction to Neves’s goal is pretty much how I felt when I walked in the Stile Inn last Wednesday.

A gem

I remembered a basic street corner gem, and it really is unspoilt.

Bowling green out the back
Highly complex bowls results

Except for the arrival of seven well-oiled Old Blokes staring at hand pumps simultaneously. Below you see someone, probably a northerner, ordering a Sunbeam rather than The Mild.

Order the Mild !

This is a retiredmartin sort of a pub, even though it’s strictly in nearly posh Whitmore Reans.  Professional drinkers and Old Boys spread out with the papers welcomed us into their Public House.


My good friend Charles stuck to halves so he could note key banter, which seemed to surround the ability of the ladies to “do their own nails“.  I thought that was Willenhall.

Several of our group became animated as news that the £2 bowl of stew was more than edible filtered through.


Luckily, even the most well-oiled resisted the temptation to sing along to “Love of my life” by the Dooleys, the most cutting-edge selection on a jukebox which I couldn’t work anyway.

I thought the beer looked, and tasted magnificent (NBSS 4+).  You’ll have noticed some sour comments (literally) about the beer in the Borders last week; this was the height of the Brewer’s art.  Served at exactly the right temperature too (5 degrees cooler than in West London).


And here’s that beer again, in the art shot.

Unspoilt by Spillage

Wonderful. A little bit of Stockport in the Black Country, perhaps.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a gnome. With a fishing rod.  Breaking into the charity box.









  1. “Several of our group became animated as news that the £2 bowl of stew was more than edible filtered through.” — If I had to choose a single sentence to show people the pleasures of reading your blog, this just might be it!

    And that backlit photo of the #PubMan is among your finest. Might’ve been taken in 2018, might’ve been taken in 1918. Well, apart from the Carling beermats, I suppose! 🙂


    1. That £2 bowl of stew was not just “more than edible”, it was better than Fine Dining – and on a par with the Great Western’s hot pork baps.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Note resemblance of West Park to Mutant Ninja Turtle”

    And, if I’m not mistaken, Leonardo (due to the blue eyeband).

    “Bowling green out the back”

    You could almost bowl right through the bloody window.

    “the ability of the ladies to “do their own nails“. ”

    Funnily enough I just had the nail clippers out prior to reading this. 😎


    Who’s the dapper fellow in the great hat? 😉

    “With a fishing rod.”

    Ah… I just thought he had some sort of weird disease on his willy that turned it black. 😏


    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I think I know why Richard looks happy !!
      Seeing pink marker pen in a vertically striped pattern on here comes as a surprise and I shall have to ask after its significance next time I use the Stile.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. We can only specualte as to the inter-linked spreadsheets RM has at home, detailing every GBG pub visit, beer quality, pub cat quality, beer colour charts (the closer to pure BBB the higher), deductive sections for jam jars and glasses with handles.
        Half a pint and 47 minutes per pub to enter all the relevant data into the system – let’s not even start on the Pipers grading system.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haven’t you got a local cinema where you can trade jam jars for tickets?
        Most of us didn’t realise until recently where all that NHS IT budget was really spent.


    1. You must mean me there. I couldn’t be bothered to take my cap off. But yes, I ain’t a “hipster”. 😁


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