Unlike the hardened Professional Drinkers on the Beer and Pubs Forum (note the pre-eminence of the “Beer“), I can’t do a whole day drinking from 10am to 10pm, and by dusk it was time for a curry and bed.


The trip into the centre takes you past some great art, both new and more traditional.

Art (I)
Art (II)

Last time out in Wolves we’d enjoyed the old school setting of Jivans Balti House.  This time we went to the ultra modern Hooded Ram, a stylish new venture combining Manx beers with Punjabi street food.  Sounds very Hackney(ed), but it worked.

A little bit of the Black Country that is forever Manx
Nice pump clips

Wolves could do with something modern; the Slaters bar has just closed, denying Charles the opportunity to ask for Top Totty and me the opportunity to rebuke him on this blog. And of course West Bromwich beat them to the craft bar*.

The Ram had a big cask range (repeat after me – too big), but the glasses over their stronger keg beers were a disappointing sign.

The keg beers were off
Looks decent

It was a Cask Ale Lottery, all the beers in the 4% to 5% range, and lack of turnover meant the beer was tasty but lacking the coolness and crispness of the Banks’s nectar.  Still around the NBSS 3 mark, though, so a possible pre-emptive tick.

But the Thalis (top) were cracking, and great value. The chef came to chat with us about the food, which was drawing in a good local crowd; Asians in baseball hats and ladies from Willenhall taking a break from their nails (I’ll try that joke again).

No-one was drinking the cask, mind.


*I never get tired of this joke, do I.








12 thoughts on “WOLVES – IT ENDS WITH A CURRY…

      1. Twiglets.
        Don’t forget the Twiglets.
        Can’t find ’em anywhere out here in Ireland but I always remember a pub back in Blighty where,when I ordered a packet of Twiglets,the landlord slid over a small plate and squeezed out a generous portion of English mustard mixed with hot chilli sauce in which to dip them.
        Now THAT is class.

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  1. And I remember a real character of a landlord not many miles from Wolverhampton, a customer asking for a bag of crisps, him asking “large or small”, the customer replying “small, please” and him bashing the bag with his fist before handing it over.

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  2. Shouldn’t it be – ladies from Willenhall taking a break from their locks?

    West Brom is wall to wall craft now since The Wheatsheaf went all open plan bohemian and The Sow & Pigs at Hill Top closed.

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