In case you wondered, yes I am intent on getting more posts out of Wolves than Richard. Beaten on quality, but never on quantity.

I could have put these bonus photos on Facebook, but of course then my personal data would be sold to the Russian organisation trying to get us to vote “YES” to the CAMRA Revitalisation proposals.

A wolf.  Not the Dutch WWFC defender from the mid-90s

If we’d popped in all the great looking pubs we passed in Wolves I probably wouldn’t be around to write this.  Alex our guide at Banks’s had suggested the Wheatsheaf (top) as a great place to sample the Mild.  Next time, Alex.


Nearby, the Old Still looked gorgeous, but like the Billy Wright it’s abandoned cask in favour of pre-match Carling drinkers (nowt wrong with Carling, just saying).

Old Still

And that’s a bit of a theme in Wolves; not exactly a sea of keg but not as many Banks’s locals as you might expect or remember.

Across from the Old Still, we noticed a welcome return of hand pumps in the Duke of York (a.k.a. Tap & Spile), a rare real ale gain.

I should say that I visited the Wetherspoons twice, racking up five flat whites for my £2.80 investment, but no use of the vouchers.  It’s very Spoonsy.

Name the Blue Nile album

As with Wolverhampton generally, Charles and I thought the Moon Under Water brighter and cheerier than we remembered.

Could only be Spoons

The beer range was better than average (post Beer Fest), and I actually saw someone order a pint of cask (Mauldons) while I was there. #RealAleLives.

On our 20 minute post-curry walk back to Baron’s Court Hotel we only passed one (keg) pub.  If anyone has been in the Rose & Crown do let me know*.

A hidden gem ?  I shall never know

In the morning I walked back into town to see if Mr Coldwell had a measurable hangover, but he seemed sprightly enough.  Resilient lot those Yorkies.

The city looked rather gorgeous.

More splendour – St Peter’s

There’s some interesting shops, including this one selling Dylan rarities under aliases (I presume).

Billy Connolly – the Scottish Dylan ?

There’s a great musical heritage in Wolves, stretching from Slade to Slade, and it’s well captured outside the museum.

Brimful of Asha
One for Lady Sinks the Booze

Meanwhile the Posada looked so magical I almost regretted not nipping in for a half the night before. It tends to have that effect on you.

Posada perfection
Reflections on Wolves

Instead, I popped in the Modern Art Gallery to see these fellas.


If the Clangers, Banks’s Mild and Ruben Neves don’t draw folk to Wolverhampton in droves, nothing will.

“Start the car” said Rupert


*Paul from West Midlands Explorer did – read his blog here.






  1. Have really enjoyed your Wolverhampton posts (and praise for Banks’s Mild). I have been in the Rose & Crown at Blakenhall – it gets a brief mention on one of my blog posts from last year ( I remember it being a proper estate boozer with some very curious ceramic friezes on the wall, and a mainly mature Asian clientele mixed with the occasional hi-viz jacket. Only seems to open on an evening once you battle through the potplants in the little entrance porch. I suspect Alan Winfield may have been here, or if not it would be the kind of backstreet local he would approve of.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I did check to see if i had done the Rose & Crown as that is my sort of pub, but sadly i have not done it.
      I have only been to Wolverhampton three times and done 29 pubs there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You missed out not going in The Posada. Lovely pub, good beer, CAMRA discount. I actually favour it over The Great Western at times, just for the convenience factor.

    The Hogshead isn’t bad either, and used to be very handy for a lunchtime 3 or 4 when I worked very nearby (not far off 15 years ago now!), unlike the Walsall branch, which was dreadful, and shut after a year or two, remaining so ever since

    The Old Still comes and goes: it’s been pub, Carribean restaurant, closed, and now a pub again in the last 10 or so years. The spoons is very, very spoons; I always find it dark and dingy.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Excellent One D content there, the last time I was in Wolverhampton we went in a great place. Old, packed, big beer list, can’t remember the name for the life of me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lots like that to choose from – Great Western, Posada, Lych Gate, Dog & Doublet jump out.

      I guess I shall have to look out for the Louis statue at Doncaster Bus Station next ;-(


  4. “Billy Connolly – the Scottish Dylan ?”

    Or the Scottish Alice Cooper.


    It looks like a shop on that street in Harry Potter books, the one where they buy all of their books and wands and things.

    “Charles and I thought the Moon Under Water brighter and cheerier than we remembered.”

    Blimey! I thought for a minute there you’d wound up on this side of the pond!

    (which I must check out next time I’m in Victoria) 🙂

    “Instead, I popped in the Modern Art Gallery to see these fellas.”

    I reckon they’ll be at the next Superbowl in the US doing the *cough* (h)Alf time show. (LOL)


    PS – “on getting posts more out”

    It could just be me but I think ‘getting more posts out’ sounds better. 😉


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