I’d rather be visiting a Hungry Horse in Sandy and blogging about it than revisiting all these old posts” I told BRAPA yesterday, comparing the blog view fall-off in those crucial markets of Russia and Samoa.

Sadly, those old pictures are all I’ve got to work on, so here’s photos.

NB Some of us are coping better without pubs than others. Guess who’s the dreamer here (it’s not Roger Hodgson).


I dream, during the day, of another morning pub session with Paul Mudge, who is possibly missing his pubs even more than Duncan, Si and me.

A year go, fresh from having Paul’s definition of “Proper Pub” accepted at the CAMRA AGM in Dundee, we enjoyed Edinburgh’s pubs on Monday morning before catching our trains from Waverley.

Click the pub name to get the full detail. Words only when absolutely necessary.


As Christine McVie sang, “Monday morning you sure look fine“.

Calton Hill

“A quiet pint, before the train” we said. Oh.


Paul was already two pubs up when I caught up with him at the Abbotsford

Happy Paul
Proper pumps

Bennets Bar

Cathedral, not a pub



The great man


A bad idea. A very bad idea
Hanging Bat

The Hanging Bat has been top of the table on RateBeer’s Guide to Edinburgh for a while. But as we know, RateBeer isn’t a place you’ll find the Stamford & Warrington, or anything in Coalville, so I think we can discount that as authoritative.”

It’s great, but oddly Paul left me here to visit Proper Pubs.
Bow Bar


I miss hills

Love that blue

“After a weekend of unispiring beer quality, Edinburgh was now turning it on just as Manchester had in early January. Big cities are the place for cask.”
Halfway House


Fleshmarket Close. Scarier than the Rebus book.

Proper pub

Booking Office


Should I ?

Oh, go on

Seven pubs in 3 hours, no beer less than NBSS 3.5. all wonderful in their way, even the Spoons.

How I miss pubs.

24 thoughts on “EDINBURGH A YEAR ON

    1. Can honestly say that was one of the best 3 hours of my life (City v QPR 2012) was mostly terrifying.

      The Lees Plum Pudding felt a bad idea by the time the train passed Newark…


    2. Yes, I think it was because of the Autovacs.
      Or was it having started the day with Tim’s Moonraker ?

      Anyway, they’re lovely photos of a great day on the way home from an unexpectedly good AGM weekend.


      1. Yes, definitely the Autovac.

        We should organise an Autovac crawl.

        NB Thanks for your excellent contribution to that debate on Discourse. I don’t have the energy to join in.


  1. I miss pubs too,and coffee shops and trains to That London for fun but expensive days out – wo should be loaded after the Apocalypse anyway ! I even miss going to work a bit although our daily routine is quite satisfactory if a little dull.Currently on my playlist -The Sensational Alex Harvey Band- Scottish but definitely not from Edinburgh !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, Alex very much Glasgow I presume!

      Although I’m a Manchester fanatic I’m missing London like you. Doesn’t help I’m (still) reading the Deserter book with all its riverside pub crawls.


      1. I have a lovely glossy book of riverside pubs on the Thames -I don’t want to look at it at the moment -we had such plans for this year .Ive not got round to the Deserter book yet -perhaps I will order it -for some reason I seem to be reading a lot at the moment !
        (yes the sadly departed Mr Harvey was definitely Glaswegian ! )


    2. Pauline,
      I can do without coffee shops but I miss train journeys almost as much as pubs.
      I’m thankful that I managed an overnight trip to London at the beginning of last month.


      1. Meet you there. Doing the Caley Picture House twice for the loo but not having a half is either admirable, ridiculous or both. There is a magnificent crawl from Teuchters back up Leith Walk.


      2. Definitely. Our calendars are going to be packed in 2022.

        Ridiculous is the word. Actually, I can’t be sure I didn’t have a beer in the Caley, that happens with Spoons that take a while to make the Guide.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Optimist. Professional not to tick it in case. In that immediate vicinity are Red Squirrel, Innis & Gunn, Hanging Bat and Brewdog; but think you will prefer Central Bar on Leith Walk.


      4. Robbie’s Bar opposite the Brass Monkey is worth a look too Martin. I preferred it to the BM when I did both in November last year.

        I still need to visit the Dreadnought to complete Edinburgh though.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Our window cleaner came – and gently mocked me for leaving the exact money on the gatepost for him – but that was a couple of weeks back now.

        Liked by 1 person

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