Yes, it’s the inadvisable stage of the Edinburgh Morning Crawl That Started Off As a Quiet Pint Before The Train.


This one was my fault.  On Matthew L’s recommendation I’d popped in here on the Thursday night (which probably feels like 2013 to you by now after all these Scottish posts).  It was bustling and buzzy but its exciting beer line-up didn’t have the Deuchars I desperately wanted.

It was only just round the corner from Bennets.

Impressive enough

And you’ll know by now how much Paul loves his keg emporia.

Yes, far too many but

Now I look back at the photos, I can see just how impressive that list is. And less than £4 for the Alechemy 80/ too.

Note pegs tp hang your pashmina on,Pauline

Four days ago they’d be selling the cask at a fair rate; how would it stand up on a quieter Monday lunchtime ?

Well, my notes say “gorgeous, beer of the trip, 3.5+”.  Just look at it;


It’s no heritage pub, and it was Paul’s fifth of the day, so he may have switched to halves at this point.

Decent seating

Paul’s store of classic pub guides is a national treasure trove.

Nice fonts

What would the CAMRA of 1983 think of the beer choice now ?  Or the Autovac debate ?


Who cares.

Then I couldn’t resist the dark Belgian ale from Fallen (only a third, I’m not Mrs RM).


I didn’t make notes about that one, but I do remember telling the barman/owner to make sure he saved some for Mrs RM’s visit in August.

I think he said the beers change every 20 minutes or something.



NB Yes, some food would have been a good idea.


  1. I have that guide somewhere. Interestingly all 4 of the breweries listed under the table are long gone and I suspect overall numbers of cask outlets are down. Cloisters has a solid reputation but haven’t been there for years.

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      1. Edinburgh does have the luxury of many excellent bars close together; if you don’t like the one you’re in, a very short walk gets you a more than acceptable alternative.

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