My Deuchars itch successfully scratched at the Oxford, I headed along the Water of Leith to my second Edinburgh tick.


Well, close to the Water as it weaves magically through the piano and pashmina heartlands of Broughton and Warriston towards Leith and the Dreadnought.

The magic of a corner pub on a dark night

The Dreadnought would turn out to be my third great pub in Leith after Teuchters and Malt & Hops.


It’s hard to not be enraptured when you enter a pub to Mark E Smith singing “Folding Money“.

Old Boys at the bar, studentz dotted around, exciting beer range (ugh).

Scary beers

I asked the top barman what I should go for and he told me, without that irritating inquisition over beer styles.

Perfect tea

Fallen produce some great beers and Grapevine was smooth and stunning (NBSS 4.5). I’m sure you’ll find full tasting notes on BRAPAs site.


The Fall gave way to PJ Harvey warbling from her criminally overrated “Let England Shake” album and it was time to leave.

Some great football stickers in the loos, though the wall art is definitely Work In Progress.

Those Dulwich folk get everywhere
And those St Pauli folk
Excellent wall art

Shamefully, I gave in to the bus back to Waverley, as I didn’t want to miss out on my battered haggis.

Rather gorgeous view over Waverley
Scotland at its finest

Fine dining at its best, and I was ready to face all that tomorrow could throw at me. img_20190404_2240045849246366060273955.jpg

14 thoughts on “SUNSHINE ON LEITH

  1. There’s a pleasant walk along the Water of Leith from the city centre (or even further West if you like) with a convenient detour into Stockbridge for the Stockbridge Tap and the excellent Botanical Gardens. Malt and Hop is a proper pub, don’t know if he still has it because I haven’t been for a couple years, but the landlord was one of the organisers of the Leith Jazz Festival. I’m not sure about Scottish Chip Shops, they produce some weird things, mind you, I once had Haggis Pakoras in an Edinburgh Curry House near to Hanging Bat. On balance Haggis best left served in a traditional way, would recommend the Abbotsford for that.

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    1. Interesting you say that about the Abbotsford. I just sent three young women there to see the pub. They said the Haggis dinner there was the best dinner they had in Scotland. I had no idea about that.

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  2. If you publish a book of photos depressed looking solitary older men in pubs nursing pints, flicking thru phones, reading papers, disguising a f**t, I would buy a copy and solicit your autograph for it. It would be pride of place among my beer and pub books

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  3. I like Leith -had a weekend there a couple of years ago -as above enjoyed the Botanical gardens & walk to Stockbridge.Seemed to visit Teuchers Landing several times -even ate at their restaurant at some expense.I would re visit tomorrow is if could (although the long train journey was not as much fun as I thought it would be ! )

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  4. Any idea what the Dulwich Hamlet poster is all about ? Is it something to do with Altona 93 and Dulwich Hamlet both having been founded in 1893 ? But why was it at a pub in Edinburgh ?
    I see that DH are back at Champion Hill, although the “new” Champion Hill is not as atmospheric as the “old” pre-1989 Champion Hill.

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    1. According to wiki:

      “Altona despite their current low division have a relatively large local following, having the 3rd largest fan-base in Hamburg. Their origins are similar of that of neighbours FC St Pauli and therefore the fans are of a similar left-wing political persuasion, which means that there are little tensions between the two local teams, but they do contest a local derby with Hamburger SV although mainly with their reserve team. Recently Altona fans developed a friendship with English club Dulwich Hamlet F.C., which was also founded in 1893”

      “Gegen rechts” means “against the Right”

      They seem like a rather jolly lot, compared to the DFLA.

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      1. My shot in the dark would be because it is an example of a poster expressing a similar political POV to the other two, and not because it’s about football or Dulwich.

        Nearly 30% of Edinburgh’s electorate were among the six million, who signed the record-breaking petition after all, so maybe it’s good for trade.

        Surely, that wouldn’t disqualify anywhere from being a Proper Pub?


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