Day 2 of the CAMRA Weekend, and an early start for Dundee with an advance ticket beautifully stamped with a cutout of a choo-choo train. Just for Tom Irvin.

Contains the letters A-l-l-a-m O-u-t

My seat gave me a prime view for an on-board ScotRail art piece called “Extreme Noise vs The Wedding Present”.

Believed to contain a 6lb box of fudge doughnuts

The noisiest wrapping in the history of Scotdom.  I nearly said “Oh, give it here“.

This is the best I could do with the Forth Bridge, a mighty piece of engineering best observed from the water (as a fish).


Big Maps rail route very approximate
No cask in North Queensferry

Dundee sparkled on Friday.

Scott “Scot” Campbell of Aberdeenshire Branch had arrived early to greet early CAMRA arrivals with a rousing rendition on pipes of “Get Up And Bar The Door (against the craft keg)

I gave him a quid if he promised to be scarce on the Saturday.  Hope you did too.

The CAMRA goodie bags weren’t available till 4pm, so I had time to kill.

A quick look at the new V & A, a giant of modern architecture.

Not sure where the people were
Better outside than in

But most of the space had been given over to the cafe, restaurant and shop, and the queue to the design gallery was bigger than the queue for Tennents at the Members Bar, so I headed off to Perth for some ticking. And a BrewDog.

I’d chopped the Scotland chapter out of the GBG especially.




  1. You were six hours and five minutes ahead of me over that mighty piece of engineering.
    Was it “a 6lb box of fudge doughnuts” or a bigger jar of marmalade than we were each given in the parcel in front of your reflection ?

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  2. I’d like to be able to bring you the latest installment of our Mexico travelogue – by this stage Mrs PP-T and I should be strolling down the Puerto Vallarta malecon in search of a craft beer emporium I have researched.
    Instead our arses are numbing for five hours on uncomfortable seats in a small regional airport.
    Yesterday’s adventures at Heches Hombres continued into the night with lots of wine over dinner then margaritas long into the early hours.
    An unfeasibly early car drove us 90 minutes to the airport where we breakfasted on bacon and eggs and watched through bleary eyes the departures board for our flights.
    And watched.
    And watched.
    After a while I thought I check at the desk – to find our supposed departure time was actually our arrival time at the next location.
    A rather expensive mistake which now sees us routed back via Mexico City and then on to the Mexican Magaluf.
    However Mrs PP-T is always a glass half-full person,particularly when it’s half-full with 14% Cab Sav.
    ” Never mind big boy,that three hour wait in Mexico gives us plenty of time to get arse-holed.”
    You can see why I married the gal.

    The Prof

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      1. Can’t really be arsed.
        Just think of me as Sherpa Pie-Tin helping out young Martin on his quest for the summit of Mount Tick.
        Of course BRAPA is ahead despite traversing the notoriously Pints Only route without missus back-up.

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