Well, I can wait no longer for BeerMat to claim the scoop.  Here’s the evidence that Coalville has one of the world’s great basic pubs.  And it may be on that silly National Heritage Inventory, but you’ve never heard of it (prove me wrong).

I very nearly didn’t make it to meet BeerMat there at 1pm, being distracted by the earth-shattering news from The Engineer;

How we’ve missed him

And then tempted by a hedonist haircut (slightly outside my £5 budget).

Unusual model for a barbers

In fact, I did wonder if I was missing a potential pre-emptive in Bitter & Twisted, but not only was it not open (of course) but it looked very much like the social club style micro I so enjoyed in Cinderford.

Nice windows

The Stamford (etc) is as pubby as pubs get.

Stamford & Warrington.PNG

The tiling ! The tiling !

Lounge to the left (closed), public to the right packed with a dozen Professional Drinkers, and a be-vested (?) landlord

Are you who I think you are ?”  – better than “Whadya want ?”  I guess.

Who do you think I am ?”

Oh, you’re not then“.

He was keen to tell me his Pedigree was a bit “hazy”.

Hazy ?  Would you drink it then ?” said I, in wide-eyed innocence.

Oh, yeah”  chipped in the locals “best Pedigree anywhere“.

I’ll be the judge of that.  I let him pour me a pint, and looked around.

Now, those of a nervous disposition should probably skip the next photo.

No, not the Wolves stuff

It was very cheery, a Proper Pub of the first order, and not dissimilar to the Wheatsheaf in (coincidentally) Wolverhampton.

The Pedi was indeed a bit hazy, just like the best cask, but quite stunningly intense (NBSS 3.5).


BeerMat turned up, and amazingly recognised me from my reflection in a Bass mirror in Falmouth.  Either that or I was the only bloke who didn’t look like he’d been in there since 9am.

We admired the vest, the furniture, the WHS bag.  It was, BeerMat noted, very BRAPA.

The banter mainly concerned vegan cuisine.

It’s just wet lettuce. Bl***y wet lettuce

Sog’s coat here

A chap came in and took the coat off Sog’s peg.

“Are you Sog then ?” I asked. I didn’t understand a word of the reply.


  1. Not just THREE Pedigree pumpclips but Proper OLD Pedigree pumpclips, not the ones before they had a picture of the bloke on but the ones before that because it’s Pedigee BITTER.
    And are there three handpumps or three exclamation marks on that locally sourced John Smiths notice ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed. So much to admire there. I did go “Oooh” when I saw the pump clips from my youth, which rather gave the game away about my beer choice.
      John Smiths comes in cask, Smooth and craft murky versions.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. And of course in the 1990s the old Marston’s company sold their Hampshire estate to Greene King – a decision that no doubt the new enlarged company (which is really Wolves & Dudley in disguise) now bitterly regrets.


      1. Us Marston’s drinkers bitterly regretted it at the time. Amazing how many of the old Marston pubs in the area were ruined by GK. A few though have battled through against the odds.

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  2. “Unusual model for a barbers”

    I believe they are indicating just which parts of the body they will barber. 😉

    ““Are you who I think you are ?” ”

    Had he heard of your meet-up with BeerMat?

    “No, not the Wolves stuff”

    It’s how the tiling on the counter clashes with that on the outside, innit?
    (by ‘golly’ I think I’m right!)

    “and amazingly recognised me from my reflection in a Bass mirror in Falmouth. ”

    You have been a bit lapse in avoiding having your fact being seen lately. 🙂

    “Sog’s coat here”

    Not a bloody clue here.



    1. Citra,
      “Basic”, yes, but surely the Stamford & Warrington is a quite remarkable pub.
      It still retains stables at the back from when it was a coaching in and must be unique in having what looks like a mid twentieth century pair of garage door over the arch leading to them.
      It looks as if the ribbed hardboard, painted white, is the frontage for the bar counter and I don’t know of any other pub, or other building, that still retains this boarding that I remember a girl bringing a piece of into infant school which was 1960 to ’62.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Martin,
        No, never drunk in Coalville – so I’ll have to remedy that before long, and maybe it can be done in a Proper Lunchtime Out.

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  3. Another contender for this list would be the Crown Tavern in Bristol. Not in the GBG and only one real ale on. Some beer with a red triangle on the pump clip, which is priced at £1.50 a pint.

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      1. You’re probably too young to go in. It’s known locally as God’s Waiting Room. It’s certainly old school, still serving Bass without a head as oldies enjoy it in the West Country.

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  4. Why no photograph of the landlord and his vest with his pint of murky craft Pedigree? Why the double standards with Pedigree – It just shouldn’t be hazy, end of story. A proper landlord wouldn’t have put it on, end of.

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  5. Basic or ‘backwards’?

    It’s 2018, they ought to know the golliwog is outdated and offensive to a lot of people.

    That or they know that’s the case and what to make some sort of point.

    Either way I would be put off my pint.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It certainly makes the place ‘not inclusive’, and I doubt anyone in there could care less. Just another reminder that liberal values didn’t exactly become the norm by the end of the century, and as we now know, has barely made any headway outside of the largely self-selecting cosmopolitan city centres and arts centres…

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