As I said, I should have had lunch in Cloisters. Five pubs since that bacon roll in Cupar, and 2pm come and gone.

But there’s still pubs that’ll serve you in Edinburgh in the afternoon, just like in proper cities.

Bow Bar

Oh look, it’s that Bow Bar.

Up West Bow we go

Somewhere on West Bow, anyway. Never sure exactly where amongst that riot of colour.

Was it me or is that a slope ?

If you asked me to name a classic pub in Edinburgh I’d probably give you ten you’ve heard of, but the Bow Bar would be the first one that came to mind.

First time I’ve been able to get a seat, which is a novelty #DeathOfMondayDrinking.

No chance of Old Town pubs ever being shut on Mondays, he says confidently.

No Greene King desecration here, no menus on tables. Just beer mats and pie menu.

Loads of beers

There were load of tall fonts, just as there were a decade or more ago.

What should I go for ?” I asked, in my usual ignorant/innocent voice.

Must have been Tempest

Well beyond notes by this stage, but I can tell you the Tempest was an NBSS 4 and the unfussy pie extremely welcome, as evidenced by the inevitable slideshow.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some regulars came in, and a young Italian couple clearly mesmerised by my table manners feast. They drank the real ale, I applaud them.

Simple, but wonderful.

Proper breweriana

After a weekend of unispiring beer quality, Edinburgh was now turning it on just as Manchester had in early January. Big cities are the place for cask.

Now, could I find my way back to Waverley ?


25 thoughts on “EVEN BETTER IN THE BOW BAR

      1. Well I do my best.
        Nine nights away, Dundee and Edinburgh being the middle three, within four weeks is the most I’ve been away from home for several years.

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  1. Fake News! If you’d looked closely and seen the plaque on the wall you might not be saying … ‘If you asked me to name a classic pub in Edinburgh I’d probably give you ten you’ve heard of, but the Bow Bar would be the first one that came to mind.’ Although a very good pub and excellent beer when I’ve been in, it’s a ‘Disney Pub’ created in 1987. Pretty good reconstruction of a late Victorian, early Edwardian pub though.


      1. It’s not so much about fooling anyone as creating an ambiance that a significant sector of drinkers likes. Humphrey leads the way but Black Country Ales and a few others do similar, though not as thorough, work.
        And many “an existing pub” will have been refurbished often enough to have nothing of merit internally and so be little different to a totally blank canvass.

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      1. That’s fair enough. You’ll know we’re fairly close on beer scoring. I was surprised by quality. Perhaps they even have busier periods in Edinburgh.

        Beer ranges seemed very well chosen.


      2. I’m surprised; had always assumed the Bow Bar was genuinely old. Do I like it any less now I know it only goes back to 1987? No I do not.

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      3. I mean North Bar when I say not impressed recently. Only ever been in Bow Bar a couple of times and beer quality was spot on. Like Bill says , the fact it’s ‘Disney’ doesn’t make it any less good, in fact it has to be commended for being so good. I’ve half a mind I was told they used reclaimed salvage from other premises.

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