Is that not the most beautiful sight in the known world ? After Mrs RM, obviously.

Oh, and where is Great Berwick, incidentally ?

You left us at the door to the Board Inn, the pub that put Brid into the big league of pub towns in 2018/19.

Go and look upstairs !” I urged Mrs RM, as I bought the Plum Porter and Proper Job.

Note the TWO packets of Pipers of Brigg crisps. This is how you save the niche UK crisp industry, folks.

Mrs RM ignored me, heading to the safety of the back room where she could eavesdrop on Brid life.

I’m delighted to tell you the Board, and the beer (NBSS 3.5+), was as glorious as ever. But I’d come in just to admire the upstairs rooms.

Mrs RM agreed on our behalf that we’d dine at Burlington’s, an old-fashioned place that you typically find only in Sussex commuter towns that think they’re posher than they really are. Signature dish Fan of melon presented with a selection of fresh fruit drizzled with a pink Gin cocktail. We wanted in.

They took one look at us and decided that they were full (joking – they WERE full), so I’ve no idea if they served Bass.

We gave up, and headed for Saffron, which maintained a run of excellence since we got in the curry habit again. Chicken dhansak and the lamb handi, but Dick and Dave guessed that.

Oddly, no-one else seems tempted by dining in an Indian restaurant just yet, though there was a stream of takeaway orders. A couple from “Scoooonthup” stood at the counter drinking Kingfisher while they waited for take-out; they can’t have saved that much not eating in.

Mrs RM was won over by Bridlington’s charms, and skipped back to the station, sadly not tempted by a last beer of the night in the Ship.

It was probably a good decision. Our campervan isn’t en-suite.


  1. One packet of crisps is never enough. Really interesting where the old town section of that town is located. I never would have found it by looking at google maps. I only looked around the harbour area.

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  2. Great Berwick is in Shropshire. Who knew?
    I’m assuming that a man of your calibre would be able to distinguish Longhorn beef flavour from lesser breeds in a blind tasting.


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