Saturday morning. We awoke refreshed, and in need of a “comfort break”. Well, one of us did; the other one had a well-used 4 pint keg container kept for that purpose.

Breakfast at the Spoons in Driffield, a Spoons SO dull I fear I may have not bothered telling you about it 3 years ago, and it hasn’t exactly gained character since then.

So let’s head to Beverley, after what Mrs RM described as “an historic Mushroom Benedict”.

With no new GBG entries on the way home, I’d been keen to revisit Old Goole and make Mrs RM walk Goole Fields. but I’m married and never get my own way in matters of importance.

We parked up for free on Westwood Common so we could admire the conker trees. You don’t get pictures like this on Beer Twitter, unless there’s a conker juice DIPA (is there ?).

On the walk into town I unwisely started a conversation along the lines of “Why don’t women’s trousers have pockets“*. Any male readers should be advised not to make the same mistake as I did.

A month ago, just before “Freedom Day”, Beverley was bustling, though mainly with gentlefolk on coach trips from rougher places. Like York.

If anything, it was even busier last week, though the tourists were younger.

Though not much.

Those two were very good, but my request for a Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator instrumental was met with bewilderment. They’re more of a Welsh band.

I’m not quite sure what you actually DO in Beverley, besides be amazed at how busy it is and go in pubs. I let Mrs RM make a return visit to the Monks Walk, which was the gorgeous newcomer in 2018.

It’s the one with the lovely alleyway.

Back then it was the busiest place in town, standing room only on Friday night, but on Saturday lunchtime it was table service and a quiet atmosphere to suit the surroundings.

Cheerful service, a cool (actually, chilled) Brass Castle and some scary hot nuts. If they can get the coffee machine working they’re on to a winner.

Our lunch stop may surprise you (no, it wasn’t crisps in Nellie’s).

*Legally women have to carry a handbag with their make-up in it so pockets aren’t required and are a waste of money.

DO NOT ask a woman why they have to carry make-up

10 thoughts on “A BEVERLEY THRILLS HOP

  1. I wouldn’t mind if it was just make-up, it’s all the other garbage they carry around. (Says the man with a pocket knife, miniature spirit level and several 13 amp fuses in his pocket.)

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    1. Well remembered ! But I think you’ll find Greene King (boo !) used conker oils rather than actual conker juice or something (boo !). I’ve now been to Bev twice in a month and failed to do Nellies and the Atom (great band) both times. I guess you have pre-empted it ?

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  2. Atom in Beverley only had 1 cask ale on a couple of weeks ago and that was from Northern Monk!!

    The Monks Walk was a pain with their one way system and some of the staffs attitude, The numpty at the front door told us we had to do Track & Trace at the rear. We pointed out that this is no longer required, he said “It is here”. Went to the rear, the bloke there said T & T is no longer required. We know we said, please talk to the numpty.

    Some pubs have forgotten that it’s the customers that count, not their own petty little “rules”

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    1. I was there last month and couldn’t believe they were still operating a one-way system. Anyway, I walked into the pub, there was no one there. Waited two minutes and walked out again.


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