There were an awful lot of folk leaving Pembroke Dock on Friday night. Not many pashminas and Prosecco ; most of them had bottles of WKD. They were headed for Tenby’s pubs, of which more very soon.

Oddly, few folk seemed to be making the trip in reverse.


And that despite the draw of a GBG pub on the station.

Authentic Carling umbrella

Dave of Isle of Man fame missed this one on his visit, but I can save him a return journey.

In a nutshell, it’s no York Tap. More like the Sowerby Bridge Refreshment Rooms on a budget.

I’ve seen pubbier church halls. Small basket of snacks, three folk at a table, 2 on Carling and 1 on red wine.

And two of those real ales the CAMRAs like.

No Worthy then

Service comes with a smile, and I can’t fault the effort to give folk a last beer before the slow train back to Manorbier.

But it takes a bit more than a sweet, syrupy Piston Broke (NBSS 2) to drag people away fron £2 pints of Carling at the Club.


The local radio, sadly not Welsh language, failed to lift the spirits, or my NBSS score.

Perhaps the arrival of local legends Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator (big hit : Pants disgo fyncci) proved a bigger draw.



  1. “few folk seemed to be making the trip in reverse” happening regularly might explain why I saw so people in Pembroke Dock and only one pub was open.
    “the slow train back to Manorbier” – yes, that’s what I got and where I stayed.


  2. At the risk of causing offence, have you considered a break from beer?…

    If I drink beer with anything like serious regularity, I eventually get very bored of beer. My tastebuds become seriously jaded to malt, and yes, even hop. The answer is a total booze-break, or revert to form and drink cider for a time.

    I’ll wager your NBSS scores would take a 0.5-1.0 boost after, say, a year off the beer. I’m right ain’t I!…


    1. No. Sorry, Mark. This isn’t taste buds, this is low turnover.

      Since this Welsh trip I’ve had good beer in Manchester, Ludlow, Dudley, Banbury etc etc.

      And i dont do this for the beer, you know. It’s the pubs that I’m ticking 😉

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      1. There was good beer in Wales before 1881 but the temperance movement got Gladstone to pass the Sunday Closing (Wales) Act and thenceforth Sarsons served on Monday lunchtimes got nearly all Welshmen drinking lager and nitrokeg.
        A similar Bill which would have applied in England was thankfully rejected by Parliament.

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    2. I would only become bored of beer if almost every beer I tasted was shite. I totally admire RM and his quest but it’s much more than beer, presumably much to his relief. The Real GBG would be a third of the thickness current book, after the brewery section was excised.

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  3. “No Worthy then”

    It doesn’t look like anything’s worthy. 😉

    “(big hit : Pants disgo fyncci)”

    Are we sure that’s simply Welsh for Kangaroo Airforce Ventilator? 🙂



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