There is nothing better in life, other than a particularly good crispy beef and Singapore rice, than finishing a GBG county. Mrs RM would probably agree, Baa Baa certainly would.

East Yorkshire is a doddle, a standard half dozen newbies each year, and a now traditional finale in Bridlington.

Scary entrance,

traffic light entry (see also : Kings Lynn) that Mrs RM totally ignored cos she’s hardcore.

I had no idea what to expect. Music bar, like Mama Liz’s in Stamford ? Weird micro, like the Golden Smog in Stockton ?

Yes, a bit of the latter, really, though I’m sure I’ve seen these hairdryers before.

The music veered recklessly from Songbird to Aqualung to Ghostbusters, a mash-up not heard since a calamitous school disco in Filey in 1985, and I loved the randomness of it all. Has BRAPA been.

Mrs RM took a seat to one side, and a nice beery bloke gave her a spare seat as he was going. Something she said ?

They had a Thornbridge Porter and Fixed Wheel on keg, so it’s beery without being beer obssessed.

Are you one of them CAMRA’s ?” said the nice young man.

Unlike St Paul, I could not deny my allegiance.

You can have a discount then. If you’ve got your card“.

I hadn’t, though I knew the number (105931), but the discount was retracted and I felt a minor criminal.

Never mind, the beer was very lovely indeed, as you can see.

But I had to help Mrs RM finish a half of fizzy keg that had erroneously turned into a pint I felt I couldn’t turn down after trying to steal a CAMRA discount, and my tummy fair fizzed as we got up to leave.

Right, time for tea. Irritatingly, Mrs RM didn’t fancy fish and chips, and we missed out on No. 149, a Quosh favourite.

But redemption was close at hand.


  1. I have read this far too long to expect you to notice it but thank you for the visit sir! I was that same young lad that served you

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    1. I notice ALL my comments, Kyle (except the ones that ask if I remember a landlord from the 1960s), and I shall never forget the lovely Stackhouse !

      NB I never ask for CAMRA discounts so I wasn’t bothered at not getting a discount and your beer was great.


  2. Mrs. E seldom fancies fish and chips – alas also.

    No, it has to be something “Nice”.

    I can’t refuse, given what she generally merrily accepts.

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