“The Funny Onion Is A Good Match For You”

In 2017, at the International School of Pub Blogging Summer Seminar Series, I learnt the Golden Rule of blogging.

If you’ve dull material, spice it up with Bass breweriana. Wickingman will fall for it if no-one else does.

So here’s the set-up post for my Bridlington package, with an overnight campervan stop near the head of the Driffield Navigation.

Driffield is a rather dull town, the Thetford of the North, but close inspection reveals some gems on the OS map.

And I recommend the FREE parking spot. Plenty of space, quiet, a few yards from the station, and with a Spoons for your 9am breakfast needs.

Just make sure you leave the handbrake on.

We left Baa Baa Toure with the task of guarding the CAMRA vouchers.

And headed for Brid, along with, ooh, 3 other party goers conspicuous by their lack of a GBG.

Driffield is a pretty little station.

But Bridlington greets you with a virtual botanic garden that impressed Mrs RM no end.

“I told you. I told you it was a town reborn” I shrieked hysterically.

But my tick was in the new town, rather than the Old Town that has so impressed on my 2 recent visits.

Mrs RM was already looking for a comfort break, 10 minutes march from my micro.

Google began to suggest pubs.

“The Funny Onion is a good match for you”.

Mrs RM found it hilarious, so I refused to stop and ignored the Bass in bottle sign that would normally have guaranteed a half.

“Are we there yet” whined Mrs RM as I slowed down to take photos of tat shops and what looked an imminent downpour.

And then, suddenly, we were.

Yes, I’m typing this in a Wetherspoons in Wigan. You’ll have to wait for the pub.

9 thoughts on ““The Funny Onion Is A Good Match For You”

  1. I always feel that David Attenborough is watching from the foliage at Bridlington station. In which Wigan Wetherspoons did you chance your luck’ the town centre or the outer margins? Not been in to the Swan & Railway since it’s rebirth.

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      1. Thanks, I found two in Hull, the city is on my revisit list.
        Just been down to Cardiff, that is a mad city, four Wetherspoons. Tried the Prince of Wales in the city by the station and the Mount Stuart out at the Bay. Both good, the Mount Stuart is the stripped back industrial/ hipster-ish one. The other is an old theatre.

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