Just like BRAPA, I’m up-to-date on the blog. Good news, and bad news, as I always like to have something to write about. I’m sure you’ll give me some ideas.

A year ago, I was getting good blog views for “Guess the Pub” as we were in the middle of Lockdown 2/3. This was the quiz for 17 February 2021;

Please, no more lockdowns.

Some good news, MumsNet have let me resume lurking, so I can bring you the very best in unintentional humour again.

In the real world, our Sheffield home has a skip outside which has been filling up with the contents of the garage currently being converted into a downstairs room for visiting GBG tickers to use at concessional rates.

I expect that skip to be Harrogate by 15:30 today, based on wind projections.

Storm Eunice has just scuppered my plans to tick Bristol and drink Bass in Bath today, after the Star had managed to secure Bass especially for us Old Codgers as well.

I’ve ditched Spotify and installed Tidal, higher quality and paying artists like Alix Page more per stream. Alix writes songs imagining how terrible it will be to be as old as 25.

She’s my favourite discovery this year, one of several Americans who aren’t yet able to “legally” drink, let alone tick.

I need to get some concrete plans for my own ticking, particularly in the foreign territories. A week in Lampeter and Cardigan could clear West Wales, if there’s anything left of it after today.

414 pubs left, around 250 days left before the new Beer Guide “drops” (ugh). Less than 2 pubs a day; it CAN be done.

Mrs RM is busier than ever at the moment, but she’s promised to drive me round Devon and Scotland as long as I do “something interesting” once I’ve finished the Guide.

“Something interesting” apparently doesn’t mean ticking all the English sewage pumping stations.


  1. Train ticking might be a possibility, think of all those visits to Crewe and Doncaster… Sadly, I think Ian Allen has died, and his guides are no longer in print, so not sure how you would do it. Perhaps using old books and touring preserved railways. You can sell that idea to the BBC and get Michael Portillo to front a TV series.

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      1. Full marks for effort, Robin, but I can’t think of anything worse. No interest at all in exploring castle or stately homes, beyond the odd photos. Every Chinese takeaway ? Walking the entire UK coast ? They might work for me.


  2. Storm Eunice devastates the defenceless South causing consternation to readers of the Daily Telegraph. Meanwhile in Shetland, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the sea is like a sheet of glass.

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