Another top free view courtesy of “Search for Sites“, which had deposited me on the Isle of Portland for the night.

Just south of Fortuneswell, home to half the nations top unreconstructed boozers, you can take your pick alongside the campers and white vans and enormous MoHos, one of which was making a valiant attempt to block our view of Chesil Beach.

What a place. Was it safe to leave Baa Baa Toure in charge of the campervan while I walked into Easton for my Crispy Beef and Singapore Rice ?

Well, you don’t die wondering. Easton plays second fiddle to Fortuneswell, but it’s spick and span, even though someone has smashed the rare porcelain fridge magnet on the knitted crown (not me, honest).

Who would have known this quiet corner of Dorset was responsible for Black Country pork scratchings ? It’s like Bass mirrors NOT being made in Wrexham.

I asked BRAPA for a Portland Pub Pick, but got no reply, so did the Guide pub anyway.

I didn’t remember the George from a visit a decade ago, but I remembered the street name.

Reforme is gorgeous, but the houses reveal that Portland may be weird but it’s not yet woke.

The George is bathed in evening sunshine, the stone pub of your summer dreams.

Inside it’s clean and simple, like the Hear’Say hit.

Actually, it could do with some Hear’Say, or S Club 7, or Sonic Youth; it’s a bit quiet.

Couples in their late ’20s whisper, where in Surbiton they’d shout.

Never mind, the TT Landlord is cool and clean (NBSS 3.5), a reminder of its glories, and the doggies don’t lick me.

One last glance over Easton graveyard, where many who asked for a top-up rest,

and back to the Golden Island where my takeaway is bagged and ready to go. I really should have wandered down to Chesil Beach to enjoy it, but they’d forgot to put a fork in the bag, so it’s back to Baa Baa.

Baa Baa looked doubtfully at the contents,

and so did I.

But it was NCTSS 4.5. You read that right. 4.5, almost Chung Hwa level. Spicy, crispy, virtually calorie-free (possibly).

Can life get any better ?


  1. A musical person is not one who can distinguish between various 1970s folk artistes.

    It is he or she who can sing “The Girl From Ipanema” without merging into the Star Trek signature tune.

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