Before we set off for the Isle of Portland, we popped back to Spoons on Sunday morning for our Eggs Benedict.  There were only enough microwaved packets for one of those (draw your own conclusions) so I had to settle for the fry-up.  Spoons breakfasts really are on the slide.

Relishing the WiFi and unlimited flat whites, it was suddenly nearly noon. Which meant I did get a tick in the Westgate, after all. It had looked a lot better last night when it was shut.


Inside it’s the sort of opened up gastro place that at that precise moment in Islington would be filling up with beardies and toddlers fussing over Sunday lunch menus.

You can picture it, can’t you ?

Here, it’s just a bloke in a mac and us sharing a quick OK half of Flowerpots.  I think they were probably right to take the wedding money.

Local beer gets you in the GBG x 20

So off we went down the M27/A31, waving at the ponies as we went, and cursing the slow caravans.


And parked up at Martleaves Farm overlooking scary sheep and Chesil beach.  In a campervan, you need to alternate days parked up on the roadside or pub carparks with sites that have somewhere with electrics and WiFi where you can do the blog.

Scary sheep

At this stage I still had a bottle of Bass (apparently not from Burton) in the campervan fridge, but that’s being saved for emergencies.

The aerial view of Chesil Beach works best, I feel.


Before the walk to Portland, a fortifying half in the Wyke Smugglers, which is very “lively Weymouth local“. Though without the fights you get in the town centre.

Wyke Smugglers

The locals don’t look much like smugglers, unless smuggling your pashmina into a pub is considered a crime here (as it should be).


There’s a birthday party going on to the left, to which we’re not invited, leaving the public bar to some cheery locals. That’s how to do a private function; don’t upset the regulars.

Standing at the bar

An oddly satisfying interior, with darts and laughter and no TV or music.

Everyone is drinking Proper Job.  Except us.

Local beers

Mrs RM thought both Jurassic and Black Tor were good, and they were (NBSS 3.5).

FACT: You know you’ve reached the coast when the Sooty collections boxes are replaced by Albert.


Then we set off along the bank into the mist. Goodness me it’s no fun walking on pebbles.



19 thoughts on “ON CHESIL BEACH…

  1. I think it’s time for a new blog feature…collection boxes. A proper pub should have more boxes than real ales.

    Also never mind the blog, don’t you occasionally have to park somewhere to do the bog?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree, the photo of the collection box was a delightful detail, and in fact your photo, combined with thewickingman’s comment, makes me aware of an aspect of pubs I’d not been aware of before. We have such collection boxes near cash registers in the US, but it’s somewhat unusual to see more than just one. I gather in pubs you might see several?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It does vary, Mark. Pubs owned by pub chains are quite strict about who and how many charity boxes, free houses might have a number. Two is typical. The other trend I see is tips boxes on the bar, particularly in craft bars.

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  2. It is hard walking on pebbles isn’t it. Did you do the whole of Chesil? I love it, it’s like one of those last natural places we have left, even though it’s so close to Weymouth and Portland. You’re so close to everywhere, yet isolated in an alien landscape. I think it’s awesome. Dungeness has the same feel.

    Did you do the Globe in Weymouth? One of my favourite pubs, beer quality always excellent, range tends to be traditional. It’s just a trad pub, but it is spotless inside and out, well kept, cared for, loved (unlike some other trad pubs I’ve been in recently). When we are down in West bay I have to go at least once a week on the bus just to have a lunch time pint in the Globe (and then something to eat in the Ghurka restaurant).


  3. Albert looks as if he’s just noticed what’s inflated on a Winchester pub table.
    So distracted is he that his boat is wrecked and that charity is needed.

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  4. “There were only enough microwaved packets for one of those”

    Ugh. 😦

    “In a campervan, you need to alternate days parked up on the roadside or pub carparks with sites that have somewhere with electrics and WiFi where you can do the blog.”

    A good friend of mine has just started off on a five month trip throughout the USA by motorhome (including Alaska). He said pretty much the same thing as he’s posting a blog of his travels. 🙂

    “don’t upset the regulars.”

    Indeed. 🙂

    “when the Sooty collections boxes are replaced by Albert.”

    As they’re both yellow I think Albert is just Sooty in proper clothing. 😉

    “Goodness me it’s no fun walking on pebbles.”

    Especially since it will annoy the hell out of Bam Bam. (LOL)



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