These posts get shorter and shorter.

Next up, on my weekly trip “home” to Waterbeach, a rare return to my former local.

Some things never change; the lights drawing you in,

the 20 minute wait for the Chinese takeaway meaning you’ll get at least one pint in.

I took Sis for a pint, just before the Chung Hwa opened at 17:00.

Like Mrs RM, she loves the darker beers like Hobgoblin. I was staggered to see the Milton beer in this Punch pub. It’s the fourth pump; they can have what they like on it, apparently, including the gorgeous Minotaur Mild from just down the road.

Four pumps. That’s as many as I’ve seen at the Sun since you-know-what.

The beer was REALLY good. And now I’ve left Waterbeach I’ve even less reason to lie, but it always is. Fresh, rich, cool. NBSS 3.5+. Ask Sis if you don’t believe me. This is a Golden Age for cask, if not for pubs.

My phone showed 17:00. I phoned up Chung Hwa to order the crispy beef, sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style, squid and Singapore rice.

“Ten minutes ?. Order Number two (2)”. How could someone get in before me ?

Time for another. The People’s Champion was superb; anyone know where it comes from ?

Two pints in half an hour. What happened to sipping beer ? Bit like nibbling crispy beef, I guess.

7 thoughts on “THERE’S ALWAYS THE SUN

      1. People’s Captain seem remarkably coy about who they are and where they are based. Apart from an association with Punch Taverns and a rugby player called Greg Bateman (never heard of him, but then he plays the wrong sort of rugby!), there is nothing I could find online giving a sense of place. Even if you buy a beer and want to return it, you have to email them for a return label. (Doesn’t apply if you bought it over the counter in a pub, though.)

        Very mysterious.

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      2. It’s made in Wolverhampton, isn’t it ? No wonder it’s good.

        Actually, there was some reference to Charnwood Brewery but who cares. Probably someone on CAMRA Discourse, that’s who.


      3. Andrew (landlord of The Sun) tells me that People’s Captain is from Brighton.

        And if anyone wants the pump clip I can pass it on to RM.


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