I’ve been travelling back “home” to Waterbeach once a week to check up on Mum and Dad, each time seemingly an attempt to avoid being force fed baked potato and cake.

They seem OK, considering, and my main task is taking Dad out to a new garden centre to but plants. If he’d started ticking the Good Garden Centre Guide 20 years ago he’d have finished by now

I’m staying overnight in the old part of the house (photo below, top right); it’s got decent WiFi and if you wanted to you could admire those Big Fenland Skies I (in part) moved to Sheffield to escape.

Mrs RM joined me in “Sunnyside” after our Home Counties tour, and we did a nostalgic night out in the Beach.

No, Chung Hwa was closed, so it’s Waterbeach Best Kebabs (NKSS 4), and while we wait there’s time for a pint in The Sun.

Never change, Helen and Andrew. 14 years they’ve been there now, clinging on to a GBG place by the novelty of selling good beer.

Two you’ve heard of, and a red ale from Lacons.

We took our customary table by the bar in the lounge, being creatures of habit.

Mrs RM hogged the Lacons so I had to buy another one for myself (NBSS 4).

The craft keg seems to change every visit, from Punk IPA to the dubious Black Sheep effort to something unreadable from Brighton.

“Hello strangers” said the landlord, possibly bemused as to how anyone would swap the Fens for the hills.

The next morning I walked the famous Car Dyke,

and then popped in the new cafe at the gym. It’s the only good reason to visit the gym, with a high class flat white.

Sadly the Milton Brewery keg has made way for some craft beer, none of which is made from pumpkins.

40 years ago today I’d have been picking up pumpkins to load Dad’s van for trips to Cambridge greengrocers.

Kids, the pumpkins I gathered looked NOTHING like these ones.

14 thoughts on “A PLACE IN THE SUN

  1. “Take Courage” seems to have lasted longer than “Nothing acts faster than Anadin”, “Ah. Bisto!”, “Cleans like a white tornado” and “Everyone’s a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut case”, to its credit.

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      1. You’re right Bill, certainly on the labels.

        We might even still see the odd “beans means Heinz” about too. (My keypad rations “z”s)

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  2. Funny how memory works. I do not remember there being a bed in that room on the lower right. My memory says more of a reading room with a fireplace.

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