Glasto” is back, Instagram shares will soar and 22 year old girls will do irreparable damage to their boyfriend Henry’s backs while they sway to the latest musical talent (Macca, Jesus & Mary Chain, Black Dyke Band) and spill their £7 pints.

Mumsnet has been a bit dull of late, but the mum leaving her 12 week old with grandparents so she can have a week at Glasto (including 2 days “recovery”) has been getting what amounts to social media lynching.

DP and I got Glasto tickets for 2020, now of course moved to finally be this week! hooray!

We have a 12 week old DS who we’ll be leaving with my parents. We’re away tomorrow to Tuesday as having a couple of days away to recover from the festival after!

People have seemed a little judgy about this. do you think it’s fine? we will of course be going anyway but interested to know what people think.”

My parents are probably “a little judgy” about me leaving a 55 year old DP at home in the garden while I spend 3 days in Somerset ticking pubs.

The York is on the edge of the Blackdown Hills, which means it’s picturesque, sells Otter, and probably has a farmer in before the 11:30 opening time.

Well, no, actually, and I find a landlady who may have been there half as long as the lady at The Luppitt still opening up so I take the photos first.

Unspoilt, I’d say. The landlady multitasks, answering phone calls while also unpacking the Merlot and pouring the Otter Bitter.

First out the barrel, it wasn’t actually a great Otter, lacking a little crispness, but as I took it on a little tour of the pub with all its wit and wisdom something profound struck me (perhaps a first).

£1.85 buys you a self-guided museum visit, social interaction, a weather forecast (“hailstorms later“), an unrepeatable joke and some clean loos. I think it’s worth visiting pubs, even if the beer’s not perfect.


  1. I have a good mate who was brought up in that pub back in the day, his dad was the landlord. They were knocking an internal wall through once and found a mummified cat, put in the wall to keep evil spirits away.

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    1. Agreed Dave, but for us non-mumsnet users we need someone to translate. DP – dependent person? DS – ???. 🤔


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