Two new pubs in Weymouth, always a treat, though I never really feel I get to the heart of the place on any visit.

The road to the Belvedere actually takes me past an altercation on the seafront. The cause of the commotion turns out to be free candyfloss.

What a lovely English seaside resort it is.

But it’s the gentlefolk who head to the harbour in the evening, filling those waterside bars with Madri drinkers.

You get a real mix of hostelries in Weymouth, though perhaps it lacks a signature pub, bar the Boot. I have to walk past the Boot (again) on the way to the Belvedere, which looks a little dishevelled in comparison.

Here’s what it looks like normally, courtesy of the pub Facebook.

Instead, it’s a joyous mix of students, Old Boys and the uncategorisable.

Pizza, punk and pale seems to be the theme.

The cheery barperson even apologises that all the beers are pale. Like I care. Whatever, it’s cool and lovely and local.

Some of our American readers would have been thrilled by the cutting-edge soundtrack.

Others by the Gents.

Loved it. But I needed a Chinese takeaway. And some weird.

4 thoughts on “WEYMOUTH WONDERS

  1. As a child I attended a number of birthday parties at the Belvedere, as they had a skittles alley out the back you could rent. Outside toilets as well from memory. It was, of course, a Devenish house in those days, although that brewery was gone by the time I was of drinking age (16, courtesy of a Weymouth College Students Union card with a generous DoB)

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    1. Ah, childhood memories. Outside toilets would have been a real treat.

      I never drank Devenish, but they were ubiquitous, weren’t they ? Lovely signage.

      Does a generous DoB mean you get your bus pass earlier, too ?


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