Micros, heh ? They either don’t open at all, or shut when they say they’ll be open, or close before tea time supper, as in the case of Weymouth‘s quite wonderful Doghouse.

As ever, pubs can open whenever they like, and I had no excuse for not getting my butler to check their midweek opening times twice, but it was 18:15 when I notice the Doghouse shut at 7pm and legged it. Some micros don’t open TILL 7pm !

I admire the sign outside, otherwise I might have walked past it 3 times like I did in Barry, or more likely tripped over the bucket.

No-one, apart from those folk on #BeerTwitter who like lots of oddly named beers,

could claim the average micro is photogenic.

But people make pubs, which is why it’s always best if there’s people in them.

The Guvnor is great, explaining the 12:00-19:00 opening hours (later at weekends) in an entertaining and possibly libellous way.

His beer, a flat one from Jurassic, was very good too. “Crisp golden ale, hints of apricot” says the tasting notes on the beer board. Enough of that, already.

Loads of the things you look for in a pub present and correct. Charity collection boxes, biscuit jar, CAMRA magazine hilariously called Giant Dongle. Don’t worry, it’s probably a species of duck.

The locals were having a great time comparing tales from the day. No Untppd updating here, oh no.

I went in for a skirt and came out with a jumper“. We’ve all been there, sometimes the other way round.

I left in search of my second tick, ALMOST tempted in by the William Henry, one of the great scruffy Spoons, but distracted by a statue.

Perhaps the best statue of a unicorn anywhere in England.

Unless you know better.

3 thoughts on “A DASH TO THE DOGHOUSE

  1. I was meant to be in Weymouth last weekend, but we had to cancel for a family emergency…

    Not been since pre pandemic (Seafood festival 2019) , looks like its changing.

    Not aware of the doghouse.. but looks like a must visit.

    Liked by 1 person

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