NB : If you’re looking for a joke about how “Beer Line Cleaning In Progress” ain’t the beer it was, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

This IS the blog for a third naff Devizes title in 3 years, alternating Stiff Little Fingers and Pet Shop Boys references with the ease of a master.

Our loveable Travelodge was half the price of Warminster, a third of the cost of the one in Bath, and had the sole disadvantage of being in Devizes.

No, that’s unfair. No new ticks in town, but we had great fun here just before Lockdown #1, and it’s always good to revisit towns and see how they change.

Slowly, I guess.

I hadn’t been in the British Lion for, ooh, 20 years, and nothing has changed.

A classic town pub, with proper seating, proper colour schemes, and some dodgy looking folk.

Oh, and Bass. “I’d better have it since you’ve put it on specially” I told the nice lady, but I don’t think they had put it on specially, either for National Bass Week or for me.

Perhaps it was the glass, but it wasn’t the best Bass, sadly, but Blondie made up for it.

I think Mrs RM only comes to pubs with me so she can get away from my weird Americana and listen to ’80s pop.

A few younger folk (“young” = under 57) in, the Lion seeming to lack the Old Boys of yore, and far too few pints pulled for 19:30 midweek.

Still, a gloriously Proper Pub, with rare Swindon graffiti,

and Courage mirror,

and stoic determination to resurrect the reputation of Spandau Ballet.

It’ll never work.


  1. Not “A pint of PIPELINE please” to test whether the barstaff had been trained ?

    “The Tide Is High” reminds me of Coventry.


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