Proper beer

Next stop, Wiltshire, and a rare new Wadworth’s pub in the Guide.

Sure the Three Crowns was probably a GBG cert back in ’83, but sadly Duncan dropped his memory stick in the Bass jug in Pontfaen so we shall never know.

Half an hour was enough to remind myself why Devizes gets the same number of tourists as Swindon (about 7).

Plenty to admire, but little essential apart from the 6X.

Handel born here (Eric Handel)
That’s nice though

I thought I’d spotted the Wadworth’s dray horse, but it seemed to be doing a bit of moonlighting delivering garden ornaments.


As a place with shops where you can buy essentials (sausage rolls and pouting dolls) it’s hard to beat.

Who’s this?

Sadly you’ve missed Bob Flowerdew, whose cover versions of Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator tracks are the talk of South Wilts.

Great haircut

After a tremendous chorizo and sausage roll, I went for the tick.

Only seven handpumps?  Whatever happened to choice?

T** *a** **m**

For good luck, a normal and chilled version of Horizon, that least beloved of Waddies beers.

Again, why?

Clearly the choice was too much for the lone Old Boy, who’d gone for a nice chilled lager.

The two gals who followed me in weren’t on the 6X either.

Yes it is 6X

Shame, as it was rich and whisky-imbued, a clear NBSS 3.5.

Scummy head

A bit over decorated and chintzy,

Proper Pub alert

but US Dave will be delighted to hear they were playing “Girl from the North Country” and ‘Spirit in the Sky”.

Shame all the dining trade was in the Spoons.

21 thoughts on “SUSPECT DEVIZES

  1. Do the Horizon handpulls pull from the same cask? Odd to have two at the same time.

    We stayed at the Bear on one of our trips. Had an absolutely fabulous curry at Bengal Bite. Best Biryani I have had too. Great place. Wadworth brewery is really pretty I think.


  2. “but sadly Duncan dropped his memory stick in the Bass jug in Pontfaen so we shall never know.”

    Hire that lot that Hillary did. Oh, wait, you want to recover the info. 😉

    “That’s nice though”

    Hang on. Wasn’t the Spoons in your previous post called the Bear as well?

    “delivering garden ornaments”

    Are all the gnomes hiding behind the carvings?

    “As a place with shops where you can buy essentials (sausage rolls and pouting dolls) ”

    Funnily enough I’ve had four people over the last two weeks ask if we’d put sausage rolls back on the lunch truck.
    (my wife said not a bloody chance)

    “Who’s this?”

    I’m guessing, from what she’s holding, it’s Venus de Milo before she lost her arms?

    “Great haircut”

    Pfft. He’s pulled it all back and braided it.

    “T** *a** **m**”


    “Shame, as it was rich and whisky-imbued, a clear NBSS 3.5.”

    Looks gorgeous.

    “Shame all the dining trade was in the Spoons.”

    Hang on. You usually complain when a pub is geared towards diners.



      1. “What’s wrong with sausage rolls!!!”

        Nowt wrong with em. But they aren’t financially viable compared to everything else she cooks.

        “Can you tell that beer is good by looking at what I call a “scummy head”?”

        Normally I’d say no, I’d need to taste it.

        But, I respect your judgement. 🙂


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      1. That was Simon in the Sam Smiths pub near his flat. He wanted to get his round out of the way before prices doubled in the next pub.

        (joking, joking)


    1. “A Canadian using the word nowt ?”

      Canadian yes, but first generation. Mom and Dad* were from Sevenoaks and London respectively. I grew up with the likes of the Goon Show, Monty Python, Benny Hill, the Two Ronnies, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Keeping Up Appearances, the Carry On movies, and that Irish comedian who smoked a lot and was missing a finger (can’t remember his bloody name**).


      * – Dad never did lose his accent completely, bless him.

      ** – Google to the rescue! Dave Allen.


  3. Cask ale, through a chiller? The CAMRAsaurs will be revolting!

    Went into a Wadworths house in Lymington with Citra the other week and the beer was dire, unbelievably poor cellar skills too. Will get round to blogging about it eventually.

    Always been a big fan and thankfully their beers at GBBF were spot on, Brewers reserve edition of 6X was superb.


      1. Will allude to it in post, but I was appalled at what I saw. The pub was otherwise well run and pleasant, fitted a theme for Hampshire – nice pace, decent pubs, crap ale.


      2. And a very fine looking brewery too.
        The Victorian architect’s incorporation of what looks like a railway arch as a prominent feature reflects their confidence that the brewery would still be going strong in the twenty-first century.

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