Moving on from Westbury, take a look at how green West Wilts is ?

The towns of Melksham, Calne and Westbury are a bit plain, but villages like Bratton and Erlestoke are stunning, and of course you get your very own White Horse.

Disappointingly, we’d pitched up on a day with a “y” in it so the micro in Melksham was closed, but Seend Cleeve’s misleadingly named Brewery Inn was open,

and looked lovely on a perfect Spring evening.

I’d been to Seend before in 2016, but forgot how to pronounce it. Something like Siobahn, I guess.

The Brewery iInn s a pleasant all-rounder, not too foodie, not too boozy.

The plastic container at the bar looks like it contains artisan soap, but it’s actually Hollychoc tiffin (untried, I was leaving it for Blackpool Jane).

They’ve got Otter and a Locale on, so it’s an easy choice. After Bass that Otter glass is my favourite.

The Otter is cool but nothing special (2.5/3), which is frankly how I’ll feel about nearly all the beer in the week ahead, but again the pub is lively and alive, with much talk of building control at the bar.

In the proper seats, four other blokes my age discussed the fixtures in the White Horse League (Div IIb). Duncan has been to ALL the grounds in that League.

A family wanting early tea turned up and eyed my large table, always a sign to finish a pint far too quickly and head for the loo.

Nice loo, too.

But DID you touch it, Retired Martin ?” you ask. I plead the 5th.


  1. I love that beer glass and logo. You think you’re just missing that sparkler thing? Adds about .73 to a tired beer methinks.


    1. A tired beer with a forced head is still a tired beer!

      Sometimes the Otter glass is the best thing about the beer. (I’ve had some very poor pints of Otter – could you tell?)


      1. SH,
        On family holidays in Dorset twenty or so years ago I thought Otter was nowhere as good as other newcomers Cotleigh and Exmoor.
        One could almost argue that there must be something wrong with a beer if it needs a glass like that to sell it. Far too far a digression from a plain red triangle.

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      1. Is a Smmelier someone who smells beers ?

        I think you’ll know it’s time to cancel your subs if Simon and I start describing beer as anything other than “strong”, “vinegar” or “beer”.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Scott and me share a wicked sense of humour !

        I hope you get to meet Jane at a society event, she is great company and it’s good to have positivity and detail in blogging, rather than dull history and generalisms.


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