22nd February 2020

I spent ages thinking up a witty title with “Pelican” in it and gave up. So you get what went through my head at 20:26 as we cancelled plans and gave in to the karaoke and cask combination at Devizes’ Pelican.


Photography gone to pot already

If only it had been just cask.

Another Wadworths Market Place hero (like Marillion sung about), this one simple and charming with a matriarchal landlady at the bar and karaoke being set up. I admired the back room on the way to the Gents.

Refuge from the karaoke
Gnome always a good sign

I thought we’d stay for 20 minutes, so I just had halves of Henry’s and Horizon.

6X turned round or boycotted or something

“Have you just come from the brewery tour ?”

“Ugh I hate breweries I love pubs me” I said, with unnecessary vigour.

I loved the Pelican.


A chap called Bob sitting at the bar gave us a nod of acknowledgement, and we felt immediately at home, more so when Mrs RM recognised the Celine Dion tune below (not that one).

Bob then got up and did an unexpectedly fine version of “Cigarettes & Alcohol” in a West Country burr.

“You gotta make it ‘app-en”

We applauded him back, and he shared his dry roasted with us.

We changed plans (our only plan was to eat M & S crisps back in the campervan) and Mrs RM moved on to Disaronno, perhaps a reflection my Henry’s was better (3.5) than her Horizon (2.5). Or perhaps she was just pissed.

Image result for disaronno

I talk about the WOW ! moment in pubs, once a month at best I reckon, and about the moment Geoff was screaming “Two thousand holes in Blackburn LANCASHIRE” it all made perfect sense.

Six blokes having the time of their lives.

And then the ladies arrived.


“I’m not going anywhere” said Mrs RM. “Another Disaronno please“.

I had a half of Old Rosie.

“Are you singing tonight then ?” asked our brave landlady and I had momentary visions of Mrs RM and I murdering Valerie, but John Cage’s 4’33 would have been a better bet.

Er, No“.

I guess the lay-dees were here for the karaoke rather than the Henry’s IPA; they gamely joined Bob on an emotional rendition of Life on Mars after tackling Whitney Houston with aplomb.

Finally, finally, the ladies left, and we decided that was it for us two. Green Day were on next.

A wonderful tonight, and of course a million miles from the GBG. What can I say?


22 thoughts on “PUBS ARE GREAT, AREN’T THEY ?

      1. Shame the pub wasn’t in Essex and Geoff a thoroughly objectionable fella. ’Peli-cant!’…

        Keep it safe, there will be other karaoke days, other Pelicans…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Martin, how can you possibly hate breweries, as without them there would be no beer, and without beer, no pubs to visit. No enjoyment of a spot of impromptu karaoke either.

    Perhaps the absence of the latter is not a bad thing?


      1. Never having tried the stuff (Disarrono), I will have to bow to your superior knowledge.

        Shots to finish up on in Burton next Friday, then? 😀


  2. Pelicans…jerrycans…did you know, that as its name suggests, this fuel carrier was invented by the Germans, and copied, through reverse engineering by the allies? The indentations which strengthen the sides are still configured in a design which is based on the swastika, as is the Volkswagen logo.

    Liked by 1 person

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