One of the most iconic photos on my blog, as Dick (pink pen) and Dave (out of shot, MAGA hat) combine effortlessly to tick the Blue Mugge in Leek.

A few months ago I was in the Ship in Shaftesbury with BRAPA, wondering how many other great pubs I’d still to discover for the first time.

In the timeless words of Allo Darlin’

“I’m wondering if I’ve already heard (ticked) all the songs (pubs) that’ll mean something.

And I’m wondering if I’ve already met all the people that’ll mean something” 

(Tallulah, 2012)

Where has the Blue Mugge been all my life ?


And how has it taken so long to make the Beer Guide, at least since I started completing Staffs a decade ago.

One new tick was enough to persuade me to join the Southworth twins in lovely Leek, or Leek : Gateway to Alton Towers and, er, Stoke, as the TIC would market it.

Blue Mugge

I parked Mrs RM’s car neatly opposite Dick and Dave’s motor, the best they could find to negotiate the A523 from Macclesfield.

It has a good cassette player built in

The Blue Mugge lies in the pretty terraced streets just east of town; it hides its treasures well.

Backstreet glory

I have literally parked in that spot on previous trips and not even noticed a pub there; Dick and Dave had nearly walked to the Yew Tree in Cauldon Lowe before they saw it.

Blue Anchor-esque signage at the Mugge

This was one of those “Wow” moments, and not just because of Dave’s hat (not shown for legal reasons).

Vic and Liz
Beer and Skittles

The US lads had found the best seat in the house, with perfect views of the circular bar and Vic.

Look closely at the beer board

A quick emotional reunion, we hadn’t seen each other since Monday, then a pint.

Those prices !

Oh.  And some pub grub.

Meals for less than a half pint of craft in Winchester

The corned beef hash had just run out, so beef bourguignon it was, obvs.  I’m impressed they’d spelt it correctly; I’ve just failed twice.

Four pounds thirty !”  I squeaked.


“Do you think that’s expensive ?”   

No Dave, it’s the bargain of the century, along with the grub at the Stile and the Bailey Head.  I hope the Landlady doesn’t read this and double the price.

£7.30 for Bass, Bourguignon and banter

Dick and Dave had been on the Hawkshead, naturally waiting for me to turn up to try the Bass. It was cool, crisp and chewy.  A 3.5 for the ages.  They followed my steer.

Dick did the honours with the pink marker.  Play the video to or join my Patronised readers for the Snitch and Scraff version.

Utter magic.  And that’s before I get to the toilet humour, which would offend so I’ll leave it to Woke Si.

I entered the Blue Mugge at 13:54 and we were subtly ejected at 15:15. I could have stayed all day.




      1. East,west, I live down the street from the Mugge and I’m lost ,it’s on the corner of Osbourne St& Queen St, just ask for directions anyone in Leek ill tell yer where Mugge is

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  1. I agree,that looks like the perfect pub & as for the food -WOW !-I would struggle to make that at home for that price -they must have a good butcher

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  2. Leek will always be defined geographically to me as one of the two towns Alton Towers is between, or in the modern parlance, next to Alton Towers and Uttoxeter. Back when we were tuned to Lichfield rather than the more upmarket Waltham transmitter, the whole area seemed to be a magical kingdom of water-splashes, Don Amott caravans, Camping Continental, and Beer At Home. I now realise it’s also a truly great pub destination and table skittles hotspot, and that I’ve gone soft in the Shires and need to re-acquaint myself with proper pubbing in Bass country.

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    1. A Devil Among the Tailors hotspot but here the ball and all nine skittles appear to be missing.

      And who had that wallpaper first, the Bluee Mudge or Preston’s Moorbrook ?

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  3. Often kept behind the bar to prevent losses. For a good while the table at the Newshouse in Nottingham was unpkayable after someone nicked the ball. Of course I always carry my wood with me just in case…

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    1. “Of course I always carry my wood with me just in case…”

      No comment.
      (I’ll get my coat*)

      * – or hat, as the case may be 😉


  4. “In the timeless words of Allo Darlin’”

    Sorry, got that mixed up with ‘Allo, allo’ and got caught up in trying to keep abreast of things. 😉

    “It has a good cassette player built in”

    Pfft. Eight-track for something that bumpy on the roads. 🙂

    “Blue Anchor-esque signage at the Mugge”

    Blimey. That good?
    (the Helston pub of the north?)


    Did you have to shoo everyone away to take the photo?

    “Look closely at the beer board”

    Got it! The Doombar, yes? Just below… the Bass. (LOL)

    “Oh. And some pub grub.”

    Bet you went for the curry. 🙂

    ” so beef bourguignon it was,”

    You are so inscrutable. 😉

    “£7.30 for Bass, Bourguignon and banter”


    “which would offend so I’ll leave it to Woke Si.”

    Thank you for taking my sensibilities into consideration. (guffaw!) 🙂

    “I could have stayed all day.”

    Without a bloody doubt.



  5. “And that’s before I get to the toilet humour, which would offend so I’ll leave it to Woke Si.” . No doubt he will take a leak there!

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