Day 1 of the Wiltshire Wander. Three ticks, a pint of Bass, and the deep joy that comes with arriving too early for “Gary in Punderland”.

Still not 20:00, time to reacquaint ourselves with “delightful Devizes”, a title the TIC can have for a pint of 6X.

The Bear, Wadworth’s flagship, looked SO good we decided to stay there the next night.

But first, let’s do craft.

Not much craft in Devizes, Doom Bar in the Spoons apart, but the Snuff Box has Kees and De Struise. I probably need to ask a member of the Guild of British Beer Writers if they’re proper craft,

but four (4) beers over 10% is all Mrs RM and I need to know.

No cask, so no GBG place, but who cares when there’s a 13% Russian Imperial Stout (are they allowed to sell that) and a barman playing his favourite Old School rock tracks,

and a family getting lightly p****d, and a dark alley to the Gents.

You can bring your own food here” said the barman. Now, where’s the nearest Chinese takeaway ?

7 thoughts on “SNUFF BOX

  1. The word that springs to mind for that contraption on the bar counter is “industrial” which is ironic if its for serving artisanal “craft” beer.

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