Back to the London GBG To Do map, and our furthest west pub this year; just for a change it’s NOT in Hanwell.

Mrs RM is very proud of the fact she lived in Acton during her student days. And in West Ham, before she really slummed it in Hitchin, where she met me, etc. etc.

The Swan proclaims itself the Best Pub In Chiswick, but the address says Acton Lane, Acton Green, so I’m afraid that’s just snobbery.

The walk from the lovely tube station, admittedly that’s called Chiswick Park,

takes me past a pub I have done but have no recollection of.

It’s when I start forgetting I’ve already done the Fat Cat you should worry; the Duke looks like 87% of London GBG entries. Despite glimpsing a Doom Bar pump, I walk on. Discipline is key in the capital.

I arrive 5 minutes before the Swan opens at the new default London time of 16:00, enough to admire a gem.

I mean, could YOU walk past ?

Looking at these photos I’m reminded a bit of my old local in Waterbeach and a gem in Harrow I’ve forgotten the name of.

I sat on the bench closest to the door as the seconds ticked past. I told every person who walked to the door it opened at 4, and still they had to try the door. Do I look that dishonest ?

The door opened, I dashed for the bar, where I was abruptly told it was table service and to sit down.

Sitting nearest the bar, I admired the beer range, and the soundtrack of Dido and Harry Styles.

A very decent pint of Landlord, crisp and foamy (NBSS 3.5), at the standard London price of £5.40. Seemingly the beer of choice for the locals and visiting actors, one of whom was tapping his fingers to “Living On A Prayer“.

I asked to pay, the barman said he’d bring me the bill, but when it didn’t come I went to the bar and paid anyway, knocking my chair over in the process. Can’t take me anywhere.

Perhaps table service is the future, but not for me. The Swan, though, is a great little pub.

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