Just for our US of A readers today, a spurious Dylan/boxing/Worcestershire canal town mash-up. If Mr Zimmerman lived in Brum he’d no doubt enjoy pensioners days out to Stourport-on-Severn, which looks increasingly like Felixstowe without the sea (and depressed Ipswich Town fans). A great place for wandering along the canal towpath contemplating how best… Continue reading A HURRICANE THROUGH STOURPORT ?


  No, Russ, not a spelling mistake (for once). Bang-up to date, an irritating little tick in Farnborough, a place famous for having more Harvesters and Beefeaters than people (2011 census). The OS map makes this look an extraordinary bit of the world; airports, museums, “Danger Areas“, the home of darts, rifle ranges and even… Continue reading FARNBOROUGH’S PRIDENJOY