Just for our US of A readers today, a spurious Dylan/boxing/Worcestershire canal town mash-up.


If Mr Zimmerman lived in Brum he’d no doubt enjoy pensioners days out to Stourport-on-Severn, which looks increasingly like Felixstowe without the sea (and depressed Ipswich Town fans).

A great place for wandering along the canal towpath contemplating how best to murder “Like A Rolling Stone” at Hyde Park in July.

Not Dark Yet
Positively 4th Street Lock

The “Secret” OAP Coach Trip from Dudley always goes to Stourport; there’s a deal with the cafes apparently. Consequently at 11am on a sunny Friday the town is packed with gentlefolk wearing gold chains and insufficient covering. Very jolly.

Some are headed for the cheap shoe shops, other waiting for Froggies to open.

Honey Just Allow Me One More Pork Bap

Loads of pubs in Stourport.


Beer is cheap too, and generally pretty good, especially at the Black Star by the canal.

Even £2.75 pints can’t get the lovely Holly Bush back in the Guide yet though.

Going, Going, Gone (out of the GBG)

Instead, our newbie is The Swan. Or Worley’s @ The Swan if you’re a pedant, which many of you are.

Changing of the Guards (Holly Bush out, Swan in)

Now, here lies a tale. On my visit with Mrs RM a couple of years ago, she sniffed out a new gin bar, which is seemingly adjoined to the Swan.  If only I’d let her have that treble G & T I might well have made a pre-emptive tick of that trip.

The Swan is entered via a coffee shop called Mimi’s Bistro, where all residents under the age of 40 are legally required to congregate.

I sneaked into the pub. It was like entering a different dimension.

Eight Miles High
All I Really Want To Do (is get served)

No-one is about, and I consider “Doing a Duncan” and serving myself, but I don’t know how to put a sparkler on.

Girl From the North Country (Stockport)

Just as I was getting overexcited by the Old School beer line-up, the lady from the Bistro emerged, shopkeeper from Mr Ben like, saying “Sorry, sorry“.  Beer drinkers are second-class citizens to cake munchers, you know.

Gotta Serve Somebody (a pint of Robinsons)

Yes, it’s a night-time music venue, beautifully and expensively decorated with old LPs and pages out of Melody Maker. You could be in 1975, except the soundtrack is pure 1968.


Apparently that’s Kenny Rogers, not Dave Lee Travis.

Matt would be interested in this place. For about ten minutes. I suspect the novelty wears off after a while, particularly in daylight.

I Want You

All a bit pointless if the beer is rubbish, of course, but a £3 pint of Dizzy Blonde is cool and fruity and just about deserving a GBG place.

Anyway, come here for cocktails and gin, and see how many LPs you can name.

These five are easy.




  1. “Just for our US of A readers today, a spurious Dylan/boxing/Worcestershire canal town mash-up.”
    I was wondering when you were FINALLY going to get around to this…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another pub that I know! Haven’t been there since 2017 when it looked the same on the outside, but I don’t think we ventured inside on that occasion.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good grief it’s certainly changed a lot since I last saw it (when it was a fairly tired run of the mill old coaching inn-type thing).

    Some of us might aspire to be retired gentlefolk from Dudley (well, Wolverhampton) one day, although I’d draw the line at wearing gold chains I think – or pashminas for that matter.

    Must admit I’m very fond of Stourport, the canals there have provided me with many happy days of photography. Plenty of pubs and the beer is usually decent – Wye Valley have done a great job with the Black Star after it was closed for a good while, and I have a soft spot for the Rising Sun as an old-fashioned Banks’s place where I remember hearing Worcestershire cricket commentaries on the radio. Cheers, Paul

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tounge slightly in cheek with Dudley comment, was in Dudley Spoons when drafting that 😉
      Stourport very well pubbed. We liked Bird in Hand last year, live Black Star, presume the Rising Sun is one for future GBG visits 👍


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