Because this blog is my diary and doesn’t pretend to be about beer, I can write about what I like as long as I don’t upset Mrs RM.

Even breakfasts, which come thick and fast at the moment. This is the Miners Benedict in Dudley, possibly the best thing Spoons have ever done.

It’s what Dudley miners used to have in t’olden days

Paul Bailey writes evocatively about breakfasts on his blog, though they tend toward the more traditional end of things.

Here’s my breakfast at Quarter House Coffee Roasters on Day 4 of the Great Brum Tickathon. Just in case you find yourself in Digbeth at 9am reluctant to pay Ibis Budget prices but in need of hipster beans.

A cheery chicken run across the A38

If beer bores can post pictures of copper kettles, I can share grinders with you (so to speak).

Oooh shiny
Obligatory woolly hat

Now this was magnificent. Thick sourdough toast with melty butter and proper jam, probably picked in the hedgerows of Balsall Heath.

The guy even gives you the choice if how hot you want your coffee (hot).

Just for Mark, a design classic.

The coffee equivalent of Simcoe hops

I bought some of their beans; cost more than my beers the night before.

Some great pubs still to explore round here, even if they aren’t on our exclusive Beer & Pubs Forum trail. If anyone has stayed at the Wellington Hotel, we’d love to know.

Cask, unbelievably

Meanwhile in Balsall Heath, the Olde Moseley Arms stands defiant, its Ansells sign and Tandoori food calling me.   Next time.


    1. Ah, that’s more like it!

      Yes, Paul writes very evocatively on Breakfasts Revisited.

      “Personally, once I’ve eaten something, I prefer not to see it again”

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  1. Fifty years ago the Benny Hat, pictured, was as much a feature of Birmingham as M&B or Ansells.
    Now it’s nearly as rare as handpumped Brew XI.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, no longer keg Davenports.
        Do you remember that replica Crossroads in Northampton ?


      2. And very nice I thought it was.

        Back to Birmingham, Davenports were ever so pleased with themselves after ITV accepted their keg cowl to make the bar in the set look more realistic.

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  2. The rise of the Sour(dough) continues. But will it ever achieve mass-appeal or merely be regarded as the bread that’s gone off that it really is? I note you had to add fruit to make it palatable, not a true aficionado of the Sour. doh!…


      1. Ah yes the sparkler, the Chorleywood method of pint production. Trouble is I was weaned on sparkled beer and I’m too old to change my ways now. What, I wonder, would we regard as the Nimble of the beer world?

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  3. This has just got to stop…you’re even visiting coffee houses that I know and like! (Can’t vouch for the sourdough toast, but I do like their coffee!)

    Only ever been in the Wellington once (same trip as the Fountain). Not been to the Old Mo very often either (also a bit off the beaten track!) but last time we were there it seemed to be making a success of the real ale + curry business model. Possibly one of the first ‘Desi Pubs’ in Brum.


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