We stopped in Stourport to assess its suitability for Charles’s Curry Night Status.  Apart from the fact the cheapest B&B was £80, it looked pretty promising.  If we get bored we can always gatecrash the funfair.


The town lacked a bit of its summery shine in damp January, but it now has an Heron Foods, so things are on the up.  Plenty of pubs, and the gin bar at what used to be the Angel may be open soon too, so I think we can rely on Mrs RM to tip up and eat crisps.

The Showman pub is for sale but will probably be a showcase for Cloudwater by the time we return, that’s how fast things are moving.


This isn’t quite Bewdley, and we struggled for a coffee shop that didn’t look like it used chicory. But then we saw the Spoons. The Backyard Brewhouse van is the giveaway.

Except it wasn’t, as Hawthorn took over the Olde Crown last Summer.  But you wouldn’t know it. There’s still the same menu (give or take), club deals, refills on coffee, opening times, even a January sale. Only the presence of a Sunday Roast gives the game away.

Still a vital well-loved community pub in fact, so well done Hawthorn. I’m not sure why Spoons couldn’t make this work; perhaps Stourport lacks the family dining trade they need to subsidise £2.20 pints.

Also mirroring Spoons, the Salopian and Slaters were “Coming Soon“, but that top photo suggests a decent local-ish range. The Backyard Blonde was cellar cool and crystal clear, rather tastier than the occasional sample I see in Brum Spoons.  It had a decent turnover for 11am on a January Tuesday;


There was plenty of retired bloke banter, and a piece of performance art by two youngsters who took five minutes (literally) to make their cups of tea while I queued for a refill.  You don’t get that at an Ember. Or perhaps I’m just becoming more impatient in old age. (“Yes you are” – says Mrs RM).

I wanted to write about the Bird in Hand.  Despite all indications to the contrary, and lights being on, this canalside food pub was shut at lunchtimes.  At least we hadn’t travelled from York to get there.


  1. I remember seeing that when I was in Stourport last year and thinking “that looks like a Spoons. Oh yes, it used to be”.

    Not obvious in January, but on a sunny summer Sunday, Stourport is like Blackpool-on-Severn for Brummies.

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