“Going overground (overground), so let the boys all tick and let the boys all pink till tomorrow”

At the Swan I looked at options for further ticks before my gig at Hackney Wick.

I’d need to head west from South Acton on the Overground, but there appeared to be a minor snag with the trains;

“Are you satisfied with this information ?” asked Google. Well, five cancellations in a row isn’t ideal, to be fair Google.

So I took the District and Victoria lines to Highbury & Islington, which isn’t a place I ever warm to, with this view greeting you as you emerge blinking into the smog and bump into Gooners with neatly ironed scarves on the way to watch Arsenal Ladies.

Yes, a Bass sign but no Bass, and a Brewhouse & Kitchen. Double hell.

Five minutes up the Holloway Road (A1) the Lamb is a proper looking pub with lovely tiling,

but was SO dark I failed to capture all the keg pumps that I know folk read this blog for.

At 6pm on Thursday it was standing room only, and I’m not a good stander. Except in the Gents.

Apart from me, and these two guys, everyone was aged between 21.37 and 25.92. Us 3 raised the average age to about 31.77. I know you love stats. FACT.

Actually it had a great atmosphere, and it wasn’t even Irish music night, so a winner. Incidentally, this is the best song about Holloway Road, unless you know better;

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