If I say so myself, that’s a lovely spot of pinking on the London GBG page.

Normally a doddle, but my move oop north meant less scope for raids down south, and it took me till the week before the new Guide “landed” (ugh) on everyone else’s door mat to finish the capital.

In Hanwell. Weirdly, I finished London GBG in Hanwell back in 2016 as well, what can it all mean ?

And how can a dull London suburb you’ve never heard of (admit it, you haven’t) have FOUR GBG entries?

I guess it’s a town of nearly 30k in its own right, has a lot of young folk who like (gastro) pubs, and might even serve as a pre-match venue for Brentford since there’s only so many folk you can stuff in the Express Tavern.

Four trips to Hanwell in a decade, and it feels different each time. It’s not a place I’d like to drive, to be sure.

A bit of history,

some pleasing greenery,

an unusual church or three,

and the odd bit of pleasing fontage and green tiling. It’s worth half an hour of your time.

I’m not sure you need more than 3 minutes in The Green W7 (aka “W7 @The Green” aka “Green” aka etc etc), but don’t take the word of a grumpy itinerant pub ticker like me.

Go there yourself and sample the “Coming Soon” or the sexist one from Twickers, which is bound to be better than a warm Pride that was NOT drinking well.

High table hell, too. And Halloween, which you can guess my views on. There were no Halloween decorations in pubs before 2008 so there’s anything thing to blame Blair for I guess.

Still, S Club 7 “Reach for the Stars” was playing, I love that, and sang along to alarm a group of pashmina’s poshos on Prosecco, and then set off for Swindon.

My work was done. Who knows what GBG22 will bring to the capital. Certainly not me.

And yes, that really was the glass my London Pride was served from.

13 thoughts on “LONDON HAS FALLEN

  1. Blair stopped being PM in May 2007. Did he then set up in business importing US traditions? They didn’t mention it in the BBC2 documentary last Monday.


  2. “…a dull London suburb you’ve never heard of (admit it, you haven’t),,,”

    Me, me! I have! Born at home in Windmill Lane, School at Drayton Manor (Grammar School, as was), First job in path labs at St Bernards Hospital (Ealing Hospital subsequently built in the large grounds of this Victorian relic, so relocated there) – Hanwell/Southall borders very much my home stamping ground.

    Can’t deny it was always a dull, down-market hole though, although I understand it’s been gentrified since I was last there – it bloody needed it! :oD

    (Been off the scene for a while, so readings blogs backwards, chronologically; there may be more comments to come (as if anyone cares, lol), going back in time)

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    1. Wow, Clive. Great to get a (former) local’s perspective on the ‘Well. I bet it’s not dull, and as it merges seamlessly into West Ealing and Southwell you’ll be spoilt for curry and good Fullers pubs so that’s OK.

      In the late ’90s I worked for the Learning Disabilities NHS service and made a few visits to a site in Greenford so I had a fair idea what to expect !

      Please bombard us with comments.


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