Many of you have express disappointment, nay, anger, at the lack of Maidenhead on this blog recently.

No doubt they won’t be happy that I try to satisfy you with Binfield, either.

But it’s only 5 miles south of the Honey Pot and as close as Mrs RM or I dare go.

And the Stag & Hounds, a fourth Binfield “boozer” in a decade, is scary enough.

My notes say “aaaaaagh“.

But I’m not sure if that’s me sitting on my phone again or the fact the ONLY space for drinkers is on the high table facing the bar, which I pounce on before the padded jackets beat me to it.

In 2018 Binfield gave me the eponymous Club, the very best of Berkshire; the Stag & Hounds is the antithesis of that drinkers’ haven.

WhatPub is a mine of important information. Here it tells us about Dutch Elm disease, Eldridge Pope and Colin Firth; unusual bedfellows but that’s Berkshire for you.

Oh look, it’s the Home Counties beer line-up.

A Fullers glass for the Vale Pale, and a very cool, chewy half as well (NBSS 3.5). “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” your musical highlight, and entertainment provided by skilled plate carrying staff weaving past excited children (not excited by Bonnie Tyler, it’s not that weird).

My uncomfortable high table for four was being eyed up by a large group (“The boys are here !!“) and I was secretly delighted to see the gastros so busy, even if they weren’t for me.

An hour later, I was settled into the very heart of Swindon, No. 1 High Street in fact, in the beauty of the Goddard Arms.

Perhaps the most attractive Enterprise pub in Swindon, and very decent (if tiny) rooms, perfect for a night ticking. Overpriced, but you DO get a Tunnock’s tea cake, so that’s OK.

Nick of Prop Up The Bar blog beat me to the Goddard Arms, and if I’d read his post first I’d no doubt have picked the Doom Bar from this stellar range.

As it is I chose the Doom Bar, as I like to shock my readers. And the chap had just two pints through.

The benefit of photos is that I don’t have to think of anything to say.

It’s a modernised dining pub which somehow seemed to attract a lot of drinkers, including the famed “Women on the lash with three bottles of wine in an ice bucket on a Friday night” sub-species.

Swindon had managed to get a Yates, an Ember and this one into the Guide in recent years, and I applaud the local branch for putting beer quality first. The Doom was cool and lacked the sweetness you get in Spoons, so it’s a 3 for me, but those 8-sided glasses are still an abomination.

One down in Swindon, far too many to go.


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