Not much for the non-pub tourists in these Berkshire pub posts, but plenty for the traditionalist to enjoy.

My last Berkshire tick, so a chance for you to admire my neat pink highlighting.  I hope you noted how BRAPA forgot to thank his specialist green marker manufacturer yesterday.

NOTHING new in West Berks this year.  Read that how you like.

Binfield is worryingly close to Maidenhead, but the locals can’t run across the M4 so you’re probably safe. Don’t stray too close to Tickleback Row though.

Stay south of the M4

The Binfield Club is a 3rd recent Guide entry for a village of 7,000.  Nearby Amen Corner, famous for Tiger’s 3rd shot to the 10th in the ’99 Open, is visible from the pool room. Except when it’s dark, as it was when I visited.

This Amen Corner should NOT be confused with the ’60s band, who wrote “(if Paradise is) Half as Nice” about Barry Island, not Bracknell.

Binfield Club

Us pub tickers have mixed feelings about Clubs in the Beer Guide. Architecturally predictable, always a frisson of excitement about getting allowed in or not (no-one asked for a CAMRA card here), and often seemingly in the Guide to reward the Bar Steward’s efforts to put on guest beers that no-one drinks.

Southern/Northern hybrid head

No guest beer madness here.

Doom Bar, Courage, Wadworth 6X (in spotless branded glass) and an Adnams seasonal, a BBB heaven for you.  Lovely staff too, noticeably not taking the mick out of me for being unable to tell the difference between the Orange and Red packets of Piper’s marvellous crisps.

I took the foaming pint for a tour of the club, a light and open place with cosy corners and dedicated games rooms.  You’ve seen it a thousand times.

United v City on the table football

It was packed, full of village life including plenty of children and lots of laughter.  It’s a pub, that’s what pubs are about.

I found a table with a Fosters beer mat, felt suddenly elated to hear “Norwegian Wood” on the Simon Mayo Show, and sniffed the 6X.  You could smell the amber nectar; this was a marvellous pint of Waddies, easily NBSS 4.

Lacings etc etc

The pint and Pipers cost £3.75. In Berkshire.

This is why South East Berks CAMRA deserve plaudits.  Few other branches would pick a club for the Guide, particularly one with beers that folk have heard of.  As always, quality first is the only way to go with GBG selection.

Bye bye till September, Berkshire.

Pint complete



23 thoughts on “6X IN A BINFIELD CLUB

    1. It’s odd, isn’t it ? There aren’t any Wadworths pubs in Devizes in the Guide now, they look a bit restaurant/hotel focused. Same as with Arkells in Swindon. But I’ve definitely had excellent tasty 6X in the last year (Urchfont for one). Must get down to Dorset for Palmers.

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      1. We had excellent Palmers in Lyme Regis. Some nice pubs in that town too. Unusual that we liked non-GBG pubs more than the ones in the GBG in Lyme Regis.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I have a confession, Dave. I’ve never visited Lyme Regis, so you’re one up on me. Need a West Dorset trip this year. Palmers can be great in proper pubs, usual story.


      3. Palmers can be really nice if kept well and turned over. Horrible if not. Too many of their pubs have too many beers on, all Palmers obviously, but often four different ales and they haven’t got the turnover for it. Ropemakers in Bridport is consistently the best pint I’ve had.

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    2. I did have a well-kept pint of Henry’s IPA in the Black Swan in Devizes last year. But you somehow imagine the town will be brimming with proper Wadworth’s boozers, and it isn’t, really.

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    3. In my opinion, the best 6X in that area is at the Lamb in Marlborough, where it’s served straight from the cask (though not “from the wood” as they claim – the wooden casks they have are a facade)

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    1. You’re right ! It’s a club, sure, but you rarely get bargains outside genuine private members places. Beer must have been well below £3. Glad to get confirmation on the 6X. I guess the Art Deco garage improves the taste ?!

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  1. “United v City on the table football”

    Heh, well done.

    And are people from Berkshire called Berks? That would be a bit awkward at times. 😉


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  2. The famous Anchor at High Offley in Staffordshire of course sells 6X as its sole cask beer. No idea why, but it’s a rarity in that area where you might expect Bass or Pedigree.

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  3. I thought Binfield might have been the inspiration for Lower Binfield, the fictional village which the main character in George Orwell’s Coming Up for Air returns to (and complains about the chemical taste of the bitter in the pub), but it seems that was the not so far away, albeit it in another county, Binfield Heath.

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