As threatened, a fuller report from Los Angeles. Fear not, posts to come from Brighouse, Halifax, Bramhall, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blythe Bridge and East Leake.  Dont’t get too excited; they’re all micropubs.

At least there are no micro pubs in America. Everything is bigly.

Big clock

I spared you a cultural review of 2017, but La La Land would have been my film of the year.  As you’ll know, Emma Stone also starred in my second favourite picture (“Battle of the Sexes”) and is slated to play Mrs RM in the film of my adventures if certain legal issues can be ironed out (i.e. she’s reluctant to drink a pint in 20 seconds).



Getting There

Return flights via Norwegian Air for £300, which is probably cheaper than the train from Milton  Keynes to Manchester.  On the downside, restorative physiotherapy for my back will cost be £3k.


That POTUS really is brilliant.  The weather was the best I’ve ever had on holiday.


You can normally find an American who speaks passable English.


Patchy, but breathtaking in parts.  Particularly the Disney,

Walt Disney Concert Hall

and the majestic Union Station;

Waiting Rooms

Though as you can see, public transport in LA is a little underused.


The metro is cheap as chips (75c for a long journey, compared to $6 in Vegas), and you get unlimited cultural experiences.

Santa Monica Metro

Free Things

The views from the top deck of Town Hall are free,

Tall buildings. Really tall buildings.

as is the Observatory.

Next year’s calendar shot for the Grandparents

Craft beer

Yes, they have craft beer, like this selection at Golden Road in the market. Yes, it tastes like Brew Dog. Yes, it has a Northern head.

No, it’s not cheap

I would have visited the Mikkeller bar for you just so I could complain about the prices, but time ran out.

Record shops

Well, one to be precise. Amoeba Music made me and Matt very happy. My box set of Low rarities saved me £20 alone.

Vinyl lives

Edible food

It’s not all burgers, though this burger at BJ’s Brewhouse near the Getty was as good as it gets. With unlimited fries.

As good as you get in that Ancoats place

By way of contrast, Little Tokyo’s Hon Shabu is one of those places where you cook your own food in a vibrating bowl and then dip it in hot sauces.  A sort of DIY Mongolian BBQ.  Very 1995.

Raw beef

Dog Shows on TV

Yes, you can watch the 2014 Dog Show at the same time as a Mark Hughes interview (also at Hon Shabu). That should be the clincher.

Hon Shabu weird entertainment




The metro from the airport to Hollywood takes forever.  And the buses don’t turn up.  Folk complain about the buses in Rochdale, this is much worse.


This is the toast and jam at our Travelodge.  I pass no comment.

That’s not jam

Our Travelodge

Our Hollywood Travelodge had living organisms growing in the bathroom and blood splattered towels in the drawers.  I haven’t told Mrs RM this yet.  Or Trip Advisor.

DON’T look in the pool.

Exchange Rates

Ouch.  I remember when we got $2.50 to the £. Can we have that back please.  I’d vote for that.

The price you see marked in almost NEVER the price you pay, either.

Misleading Advertising

A pub with a Bass sign but no Bass should be thrown out of the Beer Guide. Oh.

Fake “pub” in Santa Monica

Pub Opening Hours

On no account is it acceptable to sell (keg) Bass but be shut on Christmas Day

Looked great too, Boddingtons as well

Fake Craft

I was quite excited to see things called Fat Tire on tap in the Hummus restaurant, but wiser counsel tells me this is FAKE CRAFT, brewed by big boys.  Tasted good to me.

Street Art

Absolutely hopeless. What is this ?

No.  I can’t imagine.  Is it Cilla ?



It’s going to get even warmer.


It’s going to get even warmer.



Better than Maidenhead, not as good as Macclesfield.


26 thoughts on “LA LA LAND – A SWOT ANALYSIS

  1. If I’d have known you were going to LA I might have sent over some recommendations, I’ve been there many times. One of my favourites is the bar in the Farmer’s Market, 326. I like Pig and Whistle on Hollywood also but alas many of my faves have closed down now like the Blue Boar and the Cat and Fiddle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks KW. Sadly with two minors (18 + 16) our prospects of event entering some bars was limited, so just some representative mainstream diners for us.

      And I’d rather save serious drinking for proper places like Runcorn and Rotherham anyway !


  2. Great summary. Must plan another trip, never been to the West coast and fancy Oregon. Hope Mrs RM is pleased with Emma Stone’s casting. I see Brad Pitt as you. Not sure about who would play the lads though. Set in Halifax presumably.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Um, actually, Fat Tire is brewed by New Belgium brewery, which is employee-owned, so I think that still passes as ‘craft’ in the technical sense. Personally, it’s an OK beer (so that might be an NBSS 2.5?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Dan. Happy to correct. I saw Fat Tire lumped in with Blue Moon and Lagunitas in Vegas I assumed it was all sourced from the same big co. Is it unusual for a small company to get listed in the mainstream ?


      1. Yes, a lot of bars will have the macro triumvirate, and then some other craft or crafty beer(s).
        And yes, it’s got a large output, but most people (here in the US at least) still would consider it a craft brewery. Sam Adams, not so much.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Quick post as I’m on my phone by the front door waiting for a delivery of Atlantic salmon (on the West coast!) 😳

    “A sort of DIY Mongolian BBQ”

    I have a t-shirt of that from 2007. 👍

    “No. I can’t imagine. Is it Cilla ?”

    I think it’s a gender neutral John Lennon. 😏


    Liked by 1 person

      1. I could most definitely see myself as a BRAPA character… in a few years. 🙂

        As for the detail; my wife is catering lunch tomorrow and the next day for 80+ (eek!). It’s prime rib and salmon but they are supplying the salmon. Just over 40lbs of Atlantic salmon (on ice) showed up at our house about an hour ago. I just find it odd they would supply Atlantic salmon when the town where we live, on the West coast (i.e. Pacific) touts itself as the “Salmon Capital of the World”. You’d think it would have been cheaper to source from here rather than from 6,000km away. 😉


        Liked by 1 person

      1. “Good grief you’re much younger and more handsome than I was expecting.”

        That photo is 10 years old.

        And only my wife thinks I’m handsome. 😎


  5. Technical detail from the cheap flight queen. £300 return each at Christmas? I’m not that good! £400 each saying no to all ‘frills’. I did have similar priced ones lined up for summer on East Coast but too much family dithering and moaning about stiff backs to secure those in time Ideas for next Christmas away welcome. Love from Mrs RM.


  6. “No, it’s not cheap”

    I’ll bet! (shocked face)


    Public transport practically anywhere in North America is not all that great. We usually chalk it up to the great distances and the fact car culture has always been a thing over here.

    Something to keep in mind as a possible talking point over a beer sometime. 🙂

    “be shut on Christmas Day”

    As mentioned in your linked post that’s pretty standard over here as well, I think. It took us by surprise in the tourist town of Jasper two years ago! Downtown looked a bit like a scene from the Walking Dead for awhile with all the folks returned from skiing for the day trying to find a place to eat, let alone get a drink!



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