I have now got cold AND hot running water in the Travelodge, and removed an offending article from the drawers, so our hotel is approaching Bates Motel standard, at least.

No, Mrs RM didn’t go in the pool on Christmas Day

But consistent WiFi, of course is still beyond Los Angeles in 2017. If you want to see how to run a hotel in the UK, try Trivelles in northern Stockport.

Yesterday, which was probably tomorrow in the UK, we popped Downtown, which is clearly the American name for the point all the fast roads intersect and cities are obliged to have a crossing.

View from City Hall

Free views from the Tom Bradley room at City Hall, and some decently priced West Coast IPA at Golden Road Brewing in the Grand Central Market, which is a bit like the world food court in Manchester Arndale, if the Micro Bar had 16 taps.

Go for the strongest IPA

Every bar has 16 taps in LA, it’s the law, just like one pump pubs not being allowed in the UK.

One cheery lady serving a dozen visitors seated round the bar, all apart from us scoffing greasy burgers. Very cheery, very Brew Dog, very LA.

We sent the boys off with $25 bucks to get themselves tacos or noodles while we worked through the beer menu.


You won’t be surprised to hear they failed, giving up at the first sight of a queue.

So it was just the 8% Wolf Among Weeds, $6 for a schooner, with a free sample of their house beer and a “NO TIPS” sign that must go down well with staff.

Tastes like a stronger Punk IPA” said Mrs RM, perceptively.

Doesn’t everything ?


    1. That’s right: 16 taps, and 15 of them are usually IPAs!

      This whole “no tips” thing is a fairly new phenomenon, I believe. I encountered it in NYC last year– I think it’s starting to take hold in some of the big cities and hasn’t made it out to the midwest yet.

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