Five points for the musical reference. I used the same one on the Stalybridge post; that’s how predictable I am.  It’s not Elvis, but this is;


The best way to tidy up my holiday snaps is to do a post about a place, so here’s all you need to know about a small city in the Nevada desert.

Better than the real Venice, if you’re American

Actually, all you need to do is follow Nick (ex-Erlangen) on Twitter to convince you to visit immediately/lock up your children.

Nick seems to be having a wilder time of it than the Taylor family, but then he has found the secret supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Nectar, allegedly. Photo:Nick

Mrs RM added Vegas to our LA trip for two reasons;

  • To see the big hole in the ground
  • To eat loads of pancakes

It’s telling that the only people I know who’d been to Vegas were either hairdressers or Welsh. My personal barber had lost $3,000 only last Summer, and seemed delighted by it.

No Ordnance Survey available

This 8 day trip was dragging me away from the delights of English pubs in midwinter, so it seems only fair to compare Vegas with its twin city in Tameside.

A quick reminder of the charms of Stalybridge;


1. Travel time – VEGAS WIN

The Bolt Bus from LA took 5 hours to reach Vegas.  Anyone who’s been on the A628 through Mottram will know that the journey to Staly takes at least 5 days.

2. Accommodation – VEGAS WIN

To the best of my knowledge there are NO hotels in Stalybridge, so Vegas wins by default, even if you couldn’t see the seaside from the Royal Resort.

Royal Resort, Vegas

3. Wi-Fi – STALY WIN

The Society Rooms in Staly has excellent free WiFi; the absence of WiFi in our Vegas hotel nearly caused an international incident.

4. Breakfast – STALY WIN

Denny’s breakfast is indeed a marvel, but careful research reveals you can also put back 2,000 calories in half an hour in the Society Rooms.  At half the cost.


5. Curry – STALY WIN

No sane person would order a curry in America.  That said, the tacos were sublime.


6. Restaurant views – VEGAS WIN

Lunch at the Grand Canyon

A bag of chips on Victoria Bridge at sunset comes a close second.


7. Swordsmanship – STALY WIN

Only in Staly

Vegas has an Excalibur Hotel but no swordsmen.

View from Excalibur Hotel

8. Hills – NEVADA WIN

Much as I admire the Dark Peak, I have to concede the superiority of the Grand Canyon, particularly when I read that 36 people fell into it last year. On the downside the 3 hour journey there took 5 hours.


9. Exchange rate – STALY WIN

The Stalybridge pound can be converted into UK pounds at a rate of 1:1, ensuring economic stability.  At the current time £1 sterling buys this;


10. Pubs – STALY WIN

Vegas pub;


Staly pub;


Points deduction for VegasBass mirror, reinstated due to availability of keg Bass.

Bass mirror in loos at Main Station
Typical Vegas beer range


OVERALL RESULT – Stalybridge win. That doesn’t mean we’ll be spending next Christmas there, mind.




18 thoughts on “STALYVEGAS OR LAS VEGAS ?

  1. “At the current time £1 sterling buys this;”

    You think the exchange rate for the Pound is bad; you should see what it is for the Canadian dollar. 😣

    “Vegas has an Excalibur Hotel but no swordsmen.”

    It did when I stayed there in ’95 (so did Caesar’s Palace, but technically they were gladiators). 😉

    But completely agree on ANY UK place having better pubs. 😎


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  2. I know I am not the most reliable source on this, but I have been to Vegas (once) and find nothing positive to say about it other than my wife really enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Took my teenage kids to Vegas in an RV and stayed not far from the strip.
    They had a blast.Especially when they got to fire an AK-47 at Bin Laden at The Gun Range.
    That and watching Dad get mullahed on home-made margaritas around the pool.I woke up to find they’d put one of the wife’s bras on me while I was crashed out.
    The bastards.
    Happy days.

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  4. “Restaurant views – VEGAS WIN”

    Tsk, tsk. Saying that the Grand Canyon is a restaurant view from Vegas is like saying you get an excellent view from Holyhead in Wales whilst staying in Staleybridge. 🙂

    “View from Excalibur Hotel”

    That looks more like the view from the Tropicana, just east of the Excalibur on the other side of S Las Vegas Blvd. 🙂


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  5. Great post and a deserved win for Stalybridge. Being a native of Rotherham I am quite confident it would beat New York too.

    I’ve seen your photo of a Denny’s breakfast on two posts now and although I’m very afraid to ask I can’t help it.

    It may be a dumb question but at least I won’t keep having nightmares – what is that white frothy stuff on it?

    Looks like drool – but there has to be a completely logical explanation.


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