Five points for the obscure ’90s album reference.

Back to Brum shortly (yesterday’s photos still uploading), but first here’s more Northern Sky for you. Sunset in Stalybridge is a wonderful thing.




The annual trip to Staly for a new Beer Guide pub is a GBG highlight. Decaying nightclubs and Beer Guide Labour Clubs have a strange fascination for me, but the civic architecture is the big draw.



This year, two newbies, and one of them isn’t a micro !

The Wharf looks an absolute classic. How has Quosh not told me about this before ?

It’s multi-roomed gorgeousness reminded me of a Sam Smiths or Holts, though with a wider clientele on an early Saturday evening. Some were even younger than Mrs RM.




IMG_20170923_190435.jpgOf course, if you live in Stockport or Salford you can get a bit blasé about proper pubs like this, but there’s little that looks or feels this good in Cambridge.

I presume a limited beer range, rather than quality, has edged the Wharf out of the GBG over the years, as the cheerfully served Wainwright was very cool and tasty (NBSS 3+).

To minimise Mrs RM’s walking, I left her with a bag of crisps and rugby league on the telly, and nipped out to do the other newbie (that’s not what I told her).

It took me ten minutes to walk to Bridge Beers, take a photo of that button at the top, and nip back to the Wharf, where Mrs RM was still “liking” FaceFriend posts.

sdrThat means I probably didn’t do full justice to a micro/bottle shop which actually manages to look like a proper Stalybridge pub.



IMG_20170923_185717.jpgI drank at the bar, just like the bar flies I complain about, and enjoyed a tasty but challenging TicketyBrew Muchner, which I confess I read as Murcner (it wasn’t murky).

The pubs were busy enough, but the  town was quiet at 7pm.  I suspect the Station Buffet was looking like Sodom with all the TransPennine Ale Trailers though.











  1. I never got round to doing all of Stalybridge’s pubs which was a shame and i dont think i have done The Wharf.
    Just posted a blog about your home city,i hope you like it,Martin.

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  2. I went in a new Micro pub in Bristol yesterday,very friendly bar staff and they even took a photo of me with the landlord,probably to warn other pubs of my forthcoming visits.

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  3. “and enjoyed a tasty but challenging TicketyBrew Muchner, which I confess I read as Murcner”

    I think you need new glasses. Looking at the photo it’s actually Munchner. 🙂

    It’s classified as a lager (well, half lager at least) so that big red button is telling porkies. 😉



  4. What was the beer temperature like in the micro? Acceptable or no? Been having much debate on this recently. Are cooling saddles and insulated jackets sufficient in a small room that may become packed with people, and all the heat this generates, at busy times? Is the ‘cellar in a cupboard’ style better? I’ve got a mate who’s been looking for premises recently and his philosophy is ‘cellar or bust’. He’s found premises now and signed the lease but the hardest part was finding somewhere with a decent cellar. There is a small bar near me that has a cellar, yet still struggles to maintain a constant acceptable temperature, what you get for setting up in an ex Halifax Building Soc. who would have required a very dry cellar within HSE limits for staff working i.e. not a cool and slightly damp cellar.


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