A quick post from the train speeding away from Grand Central/New Street, following an excellent day in Brum organised by Pub Curmudgeon. A report on some astonishing pubs, and some average beer to follow.

But it had to happen, didn’t it ? Six weeks in, my first “Pub closed when it should  have been open” scenario. It just HAD to be the one that would have completed my central Brum ticking,

So thanks, Eagle & Ball, at least you kept me fit making a 3 mile journey out of my way. At least I got to admire the beauty of Aston University, where you live.

For context, the new Beer Guide and WhatPub record Saturday opening hours of 12-11.30, which are entirely consistent with what you’d expect expect at a student pub.

But firmly shut, and with NO OPENING TIMES ON THE DOOR.

This is what I could have had;

Yes, Doom Bar and a beer from Sadler’s that might or might not have been keg. As you’ll know, this is my year to try Doom Bar, but I’ll just need to make a special trip for that joy now. But I’ll request confirmation in writing that they’re open first.

What joys there are from unpredictable pub ticking.
FOOTNOTE: It’s more than surprising that a University pub is shut at weekends in October, which I confirmed by scouring their website just now. I’ll notify WhatPub accordingly

As I always say, pubs can do what they like, but ought to clearly signal their opening times on the door.

22 thoughts on “IT’S STARTED AGAIN

  1. That must have been annoying. And yes, both their website and Google Maps show them as closed on the weekends. I take it many of the students go home on the weekend? Back in my uni days (granted that was in the late 70’s in Canada) weekends were the busiest at the bar/pub. 🙂


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    1. I wouldn’t have thought they go home at weekends, they’re all in accommodation. The annoying thing is that GBG and WhatPub show it as open, and they’re very specific times shown that someone must have got from the pub, which is new to the Beer Guide this year, so you’d assume they’d want to get those details right !


      1. “I wouldn’t have thought they go home at weekends, they’re all in accommodation.”

        Sheesh! It boggles my mind then as to why they wouldn’t be open on weekends!

        Are we really getting that old we can’t relate to the younguns? 🙂


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    1. WhatPub is the single greatest achievement of CAMRA, alongside the Beer Guide. It’s unrealistic to expect every branch to proactively keep it up to date with so few active volunteers; pubs themselves ought to be encouraged to submit changes, perhaps with the Beer Guide entrants

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      1. Outside major town and city centres, yes, which made this week’s news story about pubs missing out on the opportunity to serve breakfasts all the more risible.

        Commercial reality, unfortunately, but if you open short and/or unusual hours, at least have the decency to ensure they’re displayed clearly both outside the pub and on the Internet.

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      2. Yes, that breakfast report showed staggering ignorance of the true state of the pub market. And I wouldn’t fancy the Old Vic’s chances taking on Spoons in the £3.79 breakfast market.

        Unfortunately, unusual hours are increasingly the norm now ;-(


    1. Interesting. What is always striking is just how many pubs seem to be reducing opening hours each year, having just (presumably) confirmed them with CAMRA Branches in early Summer before the Guide goes to print.


    1. It was a warning/comment on WhatPub you can see if you click the link where the pub name is underlined. Odd comment, as I thought it was only used where a fake handpump was being used (often for keg cider).

      I couldn’t see any keg dispense, but obviously on wall backed craft dispense taps it’s hard to distinguish between keykeg (real ale) and proper keg.

      When I go back I’ll find out !


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