Just got home from Vegas, via a surprisingly efficient Gatwick (my favourite UK airport apart from the tiny one on Alderney).  I’ll do a proper write-up when I get legal clearance for titles like “La La Land” and “Viva Las Vegas” which I know you’re expecting.

I just totted up we squeezed 60+ hours of travel in the last 9 days, which is taking its toll on my back, but won’t stop my trip to Aldershot tomorrow. Nothing gets in the way of Aldershot.  Particularly now the new Spoons voucher quarter has started again.

Las Vegas.PNG

A final short post today about beer in Old Vegas.  I don’t think I could call any of the places we stopped in “proper pubs“; the most chatty places wouldn’t let us in with minors (under-21) anyway, a no-children rule that I know will upset BRAPA.

Every good Zip Wire trip begins with a huge breakfast at Denny’s.

Denny’s, North Strip
Sunny side-up

I expect our US readers will argue the comparative benefits of IHOP, but Denny’s does what it says on the tin, i.e. shortens your life by about 7 minutes.

We walked from The Strip to Fremont Street, something several people told us was impossible. It took an about an hour, and took in classic architecture like this,

Classic ’50s USA, just like in 2018

and philosophy like this.

Philosophy in Vegas

If new Vegas (the Strip) is a little bit like walking the South Bank, then old Fremont Street is more your blue-collar experience, and you know how much I love Blackpool.

Fremont St

Several folk had recommended the Main Street Station Casino & Brewery, which turned out to be the beery highlight of our trip,

Main Street Station, Old Vegas

Non-gamblers like us have to battle through a noisy, smoke filled room (think of Hydes pubs in Bolton early ’90s) to get to the brewery/restaurant. As you’ll see, it sticks firmly to the US model of gleaming tanks and TV sports.

Mrs RM eyes up the puddings

But they were cheery folk, the beer (“Pale” and “Blonde“) was high quality and cheapish (£4 a pint), and a huge plate of glop covered nachos prepared our stomachs for the high zip wire along the top of the Fremont roof.

And the loos had a chunk of the Berlin Wall and a Bass mirror, possibly a unique combination.

MORE Bass mirrors


Rare Berlin Wall in Gents scenario


You’ll be delighted to know we survived SlotZilla, Mrs RM finishing a creditable 2nd behind a winner who adopted the breaststroke motion for some reason.

Zip Wire route

The instructions for the ride were “Watch out for birds !” and “Don’t deposit the contents of your stomach on the people below”.

Frankly, I think there was more risk to public health from the “Heartland Rock” and an anaemic cover of Van Halen’s “Jump” by the bands on the Street, but that’s just me.













  1. “We walked from The Strip to Fremont Street, something several people told us was impossible. ”

    Did that when I was there. Well, walked back from Freemont to the Luxor, partly to sober up. 😉

    Was the heart attack burger grill still there at the start of the covered Freemont area?



    PS – the Hostel Cat might be #1, but #1 in what? 🤔😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Didn’t think my admiration for you could be any higher, Russ (see how I butter up my readers), but a walk from Fremont to Luxor is impressive. Well worth the effort, see a lot on foot.

      Yes, Heart Attack Burger thriving, may add a photo in my Vegas wrap-up post.


    2. Seems from looking at their website it actually is a hostel and not what might be referred to locally as a “cathouse” 😉

      Voted #1 Hostel in Las Vegas.

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  2. A delightful read. Imagine staying at one of the old hotels on Fremont Street for 2 or 3 nights and having your Vegas experience revolve around the seediness of that area, and you’ll have some idea of what my time there was like!

    Yes, we Yanks sure do love those big gleaming tanks behind a sheet of glass, don’t we? Do you ever see anything like that in the UK? I’ve always felt it has more than a whiff of “Look how much money we spent!” to it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it seedy though ? That’s one of the questions I might pose in my longer post on Vegas. Brash, but worse (?) than Blackpool ? I’m sure you see life on your book tours !

      Interesting point on gleaming tanks. Plenty of newer London craft bars and brewtaps make a real exhibit of back bar pumps and tanks e.g. the Draft House and Brewhouse & Kitchen chains. And of course micro pubs have the theatre of the barrels on stillage.

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    2. I guess here it was the Firkin chain in the 1990s that first really made a feature of their brewing kit, but we don’t have the same encouragement for brewpubs that your screwed up regulations create, so they were relatively rare until quite recently.

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      1. PBC, one of the bigger producers of kit has a couple of levels of copper-clad “showcase” variations on their brewing kit at around 50% premium to the standard stainless steel.

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  3. Been in that pub/bar there! Did they do ‘The Monster Mash’ for you on the roof outside?

    I struggled with the American psyche for much of the time I spent in Vegas. Like you say ‘minors’ are not allowed in bars, they can only walk through the casino floor, but can’t stop and watch at any time? FFS? Yet children are subject to a pathetic and constant flotilla of lorries with A-frame displays of scantily clad women displaying their wares and telephone numbers. Then they have to dodge the touts on the footpath handing out business cards with similar graphic images and contact numbers of even more prostitutes.

    Left hand? Right hand? They haven’t got a clue. No wonder Trump got voted in?

    You don’t allude to it in your posts, but did you find there’s no where to sit down in Vegas, unless you are parting with your money?

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    1. Er, no Monster Mash. Yes, oddly puritanical and hypocritical approach. My two lads (16 and 18) got shovelled out of the bar as if they were lepers.

      Didn’t notice the lack of seating, but then I rarely sit down, Now you mention it, there’s a real lack of public parks, isn’t there ?

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      1. My son was 18 when we visited and managed to get served, his younger looking 18yrs cousin (1 weeks difference in age) couldn’t get served or even allowed in a bar to drink a soft drink, so he made a point of collecting as many of the prostitutes business cards from the pimps, just to prove how pisspotical the yank psyche is.

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  4. Hello from the USA.

    I’m a fan of “downtown” Las Vegas. The casinos there each feature much more delectable food than Denny’s. For about the same money. And my favorite bars are Hennessey’s Tavern, It more resembles what I picture an English pub to be. No, I’ve never been in one. A small bar, normal wooden chairs and a narrow rail down the center for holding your beer and nachos. Then there is the Golden Nugget Main Bar which looks out at the swimming pool and the huge aquarium tank out there. And Binions outdoor “Licker in the front and Poker in the rear” bar. My favorite for drinking beer while watching people on the street. It’s right next to one of the outdoor stages which feature free awesome start up acts and bands. And directly across the street is a long bar featuring very large and colorful cocktails which includes the glass. It also features pretty go go dancers on the bar.

    I refuse to walk down the center of the street with the zip lines above me for just the reason mentioned. I fear some intoxicated flyer spreading vomit from his or her high altitude and high speed vantage point. I’ve never seen it happen, but it’s a dreadful possibility.

    I enjoyed reading your article very much. I’m looking forward to reading more. And I’ve had just as much fun reading the amusing remarks.


    1. Hi John, thanks for comments.

      We loved Fremont St, and yes, Denny’s isn’t the best food there but was fun to revisit after 20 years. Will write a bit more on Vegas now back home on my laptop !


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