The story behind the lack of my Beer Guide is a bit murky, and I’ll bring you the full story later, but it looks like I’ll have to press on with GBG21 for a week more.

In the meantime, here’s one of the drawbacks of living in Sheffield (no, not the tripe).

We have too much good beer. Sorry, Maidenhead and Marlborough and Motherwell, but it’s true; Sheffield has the best pubs.

The Pangolin isn’t a great pub, more a takeaway with tables, but when I walked the half mile down the hill to but Mrs RM some organic wine for tea I got distracted by the Arbor Zero Zero and was there an hour later.

The Pangolin is the polite micro, the Latitude micro, playing The Divine Comedy and Beastie Boys while I was there and packing a wide range of Hillborough life into its four walls while I was there. Mum with son doing homework, women popping in for takeout and stopping for a glass of wine,

and a chap who ordered four halves of keg and drank them all and left before I’d got to a second pint.

Rare I stop for a second pint, but the Arbor, and a Turning Point Radio Nowhere were perfectly presented murk (NBSS 3.5+) and sometimes you just have to stay and enjoy good beer, even if the seating isn’t my favourite.

You have great cask in every pub ?” . Yes, and I drink your salty tears at our good fortune.

2 thoughts on “MIDWEEK MURK

  1. there’s a subset of CAMRAs that specifically inhabit micropubs. always got a rucksack and outdoors shop coat. presumably to keep several days worth of steak bakes in case they wake up in a locked up bus depot and have to survive until dawn. usually cargo pants. record what they drink into an electronic device, usually now a phone rather than the HP windows ce devices of old. they sniff beer and make notes. usually harmless but don’t mention deltic trains. 4 halves of keg man in that club or have we a new species in the wild?

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