I still haven’t got the new Good Beer Guide. EVERYONE else has. It’s clearly victimisation of a Doom Bar drinker.

To be fair, my trusty GBG21 is looking less damaged than ever and another week would give me time to complete most of the west of England.

But that’s not the point. I feel excluded. I asked someone who had the GBG to give me a sneak preview, and they sent me this picture of James Blake, who has selected all the entries in the Home Counties this year.

Yes, it’s all a big conspiracy, as Mark E Smith (almost) sang on Ticker Conspiracy.

In case you wondered, Mark was a Holt Bittter man.

23 thoughts on “TICKER CONSPIRACY

    1. Who notified you and how do you contact them. I reckon CAMRA deactivated my priority membership when I updated my address, though I’m sure I had notification of the payment in the summer.

      I might have to meet up for a Bass and take a copy of all the pages until I can buy one. #meltdown


  1. Mine turned up yesterday. I think I’m on same number as last year. One left in E Yorkshire has turned into 5 though…


  2. Let me explain this to the itinerant pub tickers.
    CAMRA audit your blog. They audit all beer blogs.
    Scores are awarded for CAMRA positivity, Deducted for CAMRA negativity.

    You’ve been naughty, old cock. To many comments about “the beards” or suggesting proper pubs with Bass should take preference over micropubs with homebrew, Suggesting fewer pump clips where the bitter is ropey. Everyone knows more pubs clips is better and bitter needs a vinegary tang.

    The scores are used in priority mailings. You are getting your beard book last for a reason.

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      1. Well done. Despite my odd comment in jest, I always make the point that the Guide does his job of finding good quality beer pretty well, and isn’t meant to be a “pub” guide, which is what confuses a lot of folk who carp at the sidelines. Despite lower trade, beer has scored higher these last few months than in any year.


      2. Up to a point, because in some areas it can seem more like a guide to novelty and quantity rather than quality.


  3. Our 2020 copy is still pristine & didn’t bother this year.2022 -probably not -we just do lots of on line research before we go anywhere.Its a bit sad -used to start my Christmas shopping by ordering the beer guide

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