You’ll remember my failed attempt to visit the Church Inn, Prestwich back when the Guide came out.  A rather better attempt to capture the spirit of Mark E Smith, I thought.

Since then Pubmeister has beat me to the Prestwich Punch, though he seems to have failed to find sufficient comedy there to blog about.  Better luck in Burgh Le Marsh or wherever you’re going next, Duncan.


Not that I have much to tell you, though the Church Lane Community Centre is a classic of its kind.

Future micro

A pleasing pub, with Union Jack at half mast due to the death of Manchester United’s latest title challenge.

Spick & Span

I’m not saying the Holt pubs round here aren’t, but the Church Inn is a notably civilised place, with gentlefolk in suit and tie, no vertical drinking, proper seats, old photos, and Cat Stevens (version 1) playing.

Not quite Holts, but better than an Ember
Note uncarpeted floor
Fluorescent Gents

John Smiths signage outside, Watney’s Ravensbeer on the bar. Bombardier is virtually undrinkable these days.

Nice to find two beers on the bar

I find a seat in with the coffee drinkers, who were soon to leave due to having left something important on the kitchen table.

The “Church Casuals”

The discussion centres on the setting for the 39 Steps, widely thought to be St Davids in Wales.  You really have to remember you’re a visitor and not intervene in these arguments, don’t you ?

The United fans were already lining up Zidane to replace Mourinho.  Good luck with that, fellas.

Good to see a Proper Pub in the Guide, and the beer was decent without making me cancel plans for a trip to the Etihad.

I can see why Duncan struggled.






  1. Yes it was actually an enjoyable place and a decent pint. Liked that room where the old boys gather. We were starting a bike ride the next day and someone asked us which one of us is the rubber sucker or some other cycling term. We did that new micro round the corner too.

  2. I’ve got family nearby so often wander past. On the few occasions I’ve been in it looks like the perfect ‘village’ pub…tidy pub, tidy beer but seems to lack any kind of welcome. As Prestwich gets younger and more gentrified I suspect it will struggle, whereas the new bars and micros are doing well.


    1. I used to like Bombardier a lot when it was sold in high volumes in Coventry workingmens’ pubs and had a tight creamy head; one of few near-Southern beers to benefit from a sparkler. But a half of flat Bombardier is a sad thing. And the rebrand is a disaster.


  3. “Future micro”

    Are you sure that’s not somewhere in Eastern Europe?

    “with Union Jack at half mast due to the death of Manchester United’s latest title challenge.”

    Hmm. Sure it’s not something to do with Brexit?

    “no vertical drinking, ”

    Good lord. So they’re all drinking horizontally?

    “Fluorescent Gents”

    Or more commonly known as Spiderman and the Hulk?

    “Nice to find two beers on the bar”

    I only see one. Oh, you mean the pumps!

    “I can see why Duncan struggled.”

    Pfft. Just tell him ‘on yer bike!’ 🙂


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