Next stop, North Yorkshire.  Or at least that’s where the Good Beer Guide has stuck Yorkshire Ales, the first new GBG entry in Snaith since the Corn Laws were repealed and Herbert Nappy Askwith ran a craft beer bar here.




Odd that, since Bing Maps is pretty sure Snaith is in the East Riding, and the Old Mill Brewery Tap, a few yards closer to the dreaded border with North Yorks, is still firmly in the East.

We’ll skip over the fact they’re both part of the Doncaster CAMRA empire, shall we ?   This would never have happened under Roger Protz.

Who cares ?  I do.  Simon thinks he’s done all the East Yorks GBG entries, but he hasn’t, I’ve beat him (evil cackle).

AND I tipped up on the busiest night of the year, as Ye Olde Christmas Fayre signalled the festive milkshakes and candy floss. The mince pies and scotch eggs in the weirdly named Kitchen Deli were quite sensational.  I’m still cleaning crumbs out of my Aygo a week later.

img_20181201_1919401055734188.jpgYorkshire Ales looks micro from the outside with its beery boasts, but inside it’s very macro, clearly aiming to capture the giant Snaith night-time economy all for itself. Folk in Snaith are allowed by me to wear pashminas as it’s cold up here.

img_20181201_191524672762222.jpgI’m not sure what happened in 1905 to cause folk to misbehave; didn’t Bradford City win the FA Cup ? (that’s West Yorkshire).

1905 and all that

Loads of nooks and crannies, some containing weird unspecified keg.


But the oddest thing was the wide bar, clearly designed so that punters couldn’t reach over and top up their own beer.


It’s hard to give you an objective view, as it was too packed to enjoy, bit like the Cronx in Croydon, but I can tell you it was fun, had as many Old Boys as Young Boys (not Bern), and the beer was good or better (NBSS 3+).

Shoulda picked the Dave

If it’s this busy every Friday and Saturday night they’ll be expanding into the honeypots of Old Goole and Askern soon.  We can dream.



  1. Hmm, that’s an odd one. There’s a little finger of North Yorkshire that sticks south between West Yorkshire and the East Riding unitary authority, around Eggborough, but according to the map that pub is definitely well inside the East Riding, despite what Page 546 of the Good Beer Guide says.

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  2. Strictly speaking, Snaith is in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Or at least it was until the gerrymandering of the Metropolitan Counties Act in 1974. I firmly believe it to be in East Yorkshire these days. The Doncaster Dinosaurs are probably still working on a very old, pre 1974 map. They had a newer one but they burnt it because it showed all the outlets for Watneys Red Barrel.


    1. There’s also the Yorkshire Iron Maiden tribute band Ey Up Maiden. The performance below was filmed in a longstanding Leeds GBG regular.

      Getting back to the topic, the GBG has the Brewers Arms/Old Mill Brewery in Snaith listed as East Yorkshire, and Yorkshire Ales as North Yorkshire. I can only assume this is an attempt to double Snaith’s annual tourism figures by getting you, Simon and Duncan to all visit twice.

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      1. Indeed, that’s the point I made; the longstanding Old Mill pub is still firmly East Yorks, so this is selective stealing by North Yorks, who clearly weren’t fussed with nicking the drab Old Mill beers. Ad yes, it could well get a ticker to visit twice. Nearly fooledme.


  3. “Odd that, ”

    Love the sign on the photo above that says ‘dogs must not foul the footway’. I guess it’s okay if people do? 🙂

    “I’ve beat him (evil cackle).”

    *cough* The Ship *cough* 🙂

    “Folk in Snaith are allowed by me to wear pashminas as it’s cold up here.”

    Perhaps. But it appears that just by putting one on folk suddenly start to order frilly drinks.

    “I’m not sure what happened in 1905 to cause folk to misbehave; ”

    Most likely something to do with British, Italian, Russian, French and Austro-Hungarian fleet attacks Lesbos. 🙂

    “Shoulda picked the Dave”

    LOL, read my mind.


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