I’d have stayed the night in Preston (aka Blackpool East), so I could bring you pics of Mick’s Mixed Grill and an unwise hunt for east Lancs pre-emptives, but the prices were outside my budget;

so I caught the train home after doing the essentials.

Mini pizza in the Greyfriar,

and a walk through the University quarter in the drizzle,

and then an anxious wait in the red light area for the Ferrett to open.

I’m absolutely certain that bar at the back of LIT Bar was a GBG pub once.

The Ferret, a live music venue of renown, had windows blacked out and no signs of life at 18:59. What Pub said closed Tuesdays, but Facebook promised an open mic night from 19:00.

Hey, perhaps I could get to perform my versions of Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator B-sides on a Stylus ?

While I was considering my set list, the door opened.

Blimey, some well-known names coming up there.

Did Mathew Lawrenson design those fonts ?

Two behind the bar, one chap with a laptop and a cup of coffee in the corner, one student setting up for an acoustic set. I got a pint of something brewed under the arches in RAF Wharton called “Happy Fettled” and prepared to be the audience.

Hello Ferret !” he said “How’s your evening ?” , before launching into a set of cutting-edge material borrowed from Oasis, The Verve and Elbow. Actually he was good, but it wasn’t the confessional new material you get from women.

Still, I guess Dylan and Strummer started out doing Lonnie Donegan covers.

I stayed for a fourth song, “Year 3000” by Busted, and resolved to pop back and see Part Chimp in November, by when the new GBG will have revealed at least two new micropubs I’ve missed.

Coincidentally, Year 3000 is the expected delivery date of my 2022 Beer Guide.

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