A second new Hammersmith tick, with W6 one of the top destination for GBG tickers chasing scattered returns in 21/22.

Having said Hammersmith looks very dull, I’ll admit the riverside ain’t bad (as long as you’ve reserved a table at The Dove), and the Stonemasons looks the sort of pub folk cross the Atlantic for.

My target looks rather gorgeous at dusk, too, though I can already tell what I’m getting from words like “Stay a while” written on the walls and the unnecessary addition of “Townhouse” to the Prince of Wales.

Formerly Rook’s Nest; Flynn’s; Egerton; Tommy Flynns; Fiddlers; Prince of Wales” says What Pub, which makes you wonder how folk round her give directions to lost strangers round here.

What Pub also attempts to explain the ownership thusly “Presently there are connections with the well-regarded Big Smoke Brewery, with its small chain of pubs in London and South-east England, with the Laine Brewery, continuing from its earlier role, and with Punch. (Both Laine and Punch are ultimately owned by Patron Capital).“.

One of the most boring things I’ve ever read, but also the most interesting thing about this open plan and overly chintzy pub where every sentence I overhear starts “She’s like” and makes me feel as if I’m in the world of Zappa’s “Valley Girls” but Hammersmith doesn’t have a valley.

Oh look, Cucumber and Garden Mint on the hand pump gel.

The next pic will tell you all you need to know about the PoW, I guess. Verdant, Deya (pronounced “Dee-Ya” here), Two Tribes; a desperate attempt to be the craft bar for W6 but the locals drink G & T, Prosecco and a girl with an enormous scarf asks for “two glasses of water, please“.

I expect the worst from the cask, but their own Big Smoke Pale is actually fresh tasting if dull (NBSS 3+) so what do I know.

Very West London, though the pub that springs to mind is Chichester’s Hole in the Wall. Which by complete coincidence is run by Big Smoke too. Blimey.

In Chichester they were playing Lionel Richie vinyl; here it’s Badly Drawn Boy.

Some you win…

To be fair, the pub looks really nice as I leave for Ravenscourt Park station,

somehow retaining the self-control required to deny myself a 5 minute detour to the Dove, where a pint of ESB that would derail everything.

6 thoughts on “VALLEY GIRLS

  1. That exterior photo of the Big Smoke is a thing of beauty— that perfect moment just after the sun has gone down. Makes that pub look very inviting indeed.

    Loved the detail of the enormous scarf!

    There was a brief time over here when Badly Drawn Boy seemed to be hyped as a next big thing. The only song of his I know is “Something to Talk About.”

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    1. It’s very easy to capture London pubs at their best at dusk !

      It was an ENORMOUS scarf, even by UK pashmina standards.

      Funny how artists have completely different “best known songs” in the UK and US. Here it’s probably;


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