Back home on Thursday, to check my Dad’s remote controls are working and admire my Sisters burgeoning development on a field near the train line. Some greats pics on her instagram.

Sis sent me a link to a Facebook page chronicling the many pubs of our village (copyright Andy Badley).

Great work from Andy.

As luck would have it, my visit last Friday coincided with the grand opening of the first new “pub” for 150 odd years, since Spurgeon was pastor there.

Milton Brewery have been around slightly less than that, and run 3 GBG pubs locally, including the local CAMRA pub of the year.

The brewery is functional, but the “Brewery Tour“, which involved drinking lots of beer, is a classic.

Bit like the brewery dray, I guess.

The “Tap”, not to be confused with the Brewery Tap a few yards east, is aimed at the outside drinker, which works best when it’s not freezing but the fires worked for me. I could have got shot of the brewery section of my new GBG in that fire, but doing it at an actual brewery is bad form.

Brewery founder Richard confirmed we were first, and explain why it’s called the China Ship Inn.

I’ll be honest; you won’t get better cask that this. Pegasus and a Nero that dark beer fiend Sis loved both scored a 4+. Straight from the barrel as nature intended.

While I was there I ordered the crispy beer, squid and Singapore rice (plus meal for one for Mum and Dad). The Tap’s emergency first night catering was baked potatoes that smelt so good we nearly ordered one as an appetiser.

The beer was so good that we got a takeout of the Marcus Aurelius, overlooking the fact it was on keg. “It’s a 4.8” messaged Sis the next day, overlooking the fact that it was on keg and can’t be scored or CAMRA collapses in on itself.

I’ll definitely go back, and waste time that I should be spending ticking Hatfield Peverel drinking beer instead.

What about the Chinese ?” says Dave.

5 thoughts on “A NEW PUB FOR WATERBEACH !

  1. Glad you enjoyed your ‘first footing’ Of course, the brewery proper was tucked up nice and warm so you missed our actual brewery dray (which technology and a crashing hangover has prevented me posting the picture here – check out twitter @miltonbrewery). Next time we may even have Camra certified Marcus on cask!

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